Creativity in 2022

Realized I haven’t made a goal post yet for this coming year, but nor have I reviewed what I accomplished of my goals from this last year. So lets get started.

2021 in Review

  • Yes! I have kept up with my writing work, although this year took more of a plotting role than active story writing role. I have a lot of ideas on the board though, so I am pleased.
  • I played with a lot of different writing tools, worldbuilding tools, and methods in the last two years.
    • I loved the idea of Scrivener, unfortunately it was both too much and not enough.
    • I have settled on using a good old Microsoft Word Document for my outlinging, storybible and such. That being said I did give WorldAnvil a bit of a try, and while I found the Timeline and content prompts very helpful. I also found it a bit tedious when I wanted to refrence back to elements. Using it for fandom world building purposes is also a little questionable for their TOS. (In the event I get around to doing a big original work – I can defintely see myself making use of this again.)
    • I have settled on using Dabble Writer for my rough draft writing. I love the abilities to drag and move scenes around (like in Scrivener) but this has the added utility of being accessible from ANY browser.
    • I’ve revisted my editing methods and have returned to the trusted hard copy + red pen edit. I have been struggling some on editing my own pieces as I would get bored, distracted, or just read over my typos when it was on screen.
  • While I love the idea of rough trade, I have yet to have a solid idea and plot ready to actually give a go. Someday!
  • My NaNO 2020 project is still in editing phase. (Though taking the hard copy and red pen to it is on my to do list now!)
  • Digital painting goal was a flop, but I have been playing with more image editing for story banners. I love the bit of polish this seems to give my stories.
  • My cat’s continue to be my primary photography focus.

Now on to the new year.

Goals and Plans for 2022

  1. Finish and submit my story to QuantumBang 2022. I signed up this last year and wrote the bulk of it during NaNo2021 (50k goal met!) and then finished up my rought draft earlier this month.
  2. Reach out more in the writing community. I’ve already started on this which has me a bit anxious due to some bad experiences in the past.
  3. The Big Moxie – I’ve signed up for both Q1 and Q2 and I have story ideas for both. I love the more relaxed limits on this challenge compared to rough trade.
  4. Just Write Bingo – The Just Write Discord Server has launched a Holiday Bingo. I picked up cards for both stories and art. Will see how that goes.
  5. Do more painting and art related things.
  6. Keep adapting and improving.

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