Evil Author Day

What is Evil Author Day?

Evil Author Day takes place on February 15th annually and is a ‘celebration’ of authors being ‘evil’ to their readers.

It originated as an author tease where the authors would post a list of titles of all the stories they were working on or the names of all their WIP (Works In Progress) files. (This brought a fair amount of amusement as ongoing projects often have cracky and ridiculous titles and/or tags)

What it has evolved into is as the authors in an ever-growing circle began to post excerpts or parts of whatever they have in progress, with absolutely no guarantees or promises they will ever be finished or even added to.

“There are no guarantees, warranties, or assurances here. There are no timelines, no promises, and no requests. We (including you dear reader) don’t get to ask, beg, threaten or demand that an author go back to any of the EAD posts. We say thank you, and move on. There is also no guarantee that, if an EAD story is completed, the excerpt posted will be included or remain intact.”

– Dark Seraphina (EAD Post)

If you would like to read EAD posts by other authors, you can find a collective EAD link archive maintained by Jilly James > HERE.

EAD posts by Silver Dragonfly

  • Transitions

    The figure skating world is rocked on its axis after Russian figure skater Viktor Nikiforov comes online as a guide during his exhibition skate at the 2009 World Championships. An investigation is launched by the International Skating Union(ISU) and quickly uncovers a conspiracy within the Russian Skating Federation(RSF). more…

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  • Lost Uzumaki – Part 5: The Journey

    Naruto and Shanks go on a journey to uncover lost history and connect with their ancestry. more…

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  • Kitsune no Tsuki

    During peace talks hosted by Konohagakure between The Golden Kingdom and The Silver Moon Kingdom, Namikaze Minato fell in love. Nine months later his children were born, and due to the politics, logistics, and the secrecy of their relationship, the newborn twins were separated. One each remained with each parent.…

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