Kirk nee STARK

Title: Kirk nee STARK
Author: Silver Dragonfly
Genre: General, Drama, Alternate Universe
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Canon Character Death
Words: 657
Summary: George T. Kirk had been working towards becoming Captain of a starship for his entire career. He had not expected it to come about like this and leave him with choices that were really not choices at all, much like his ancestor before him.
Notes: Got the bug of this idea of the Kirks being descended from Tony Stark and this little dramatic bit came out as a result.

High pitched ringing filled the silence of his ears as he blinked rapidly, trying to get his eyes to focus on the blinking lights of the display now showing across his eyes. He gasped suddenly and winced sharply as broken, if not shattered, ribs protested the sudden movement. He felt the nanotech respond quickly to stabilize the injury and winced as the ringing in his ears faded to an electronic buzz. He’d barely had time to fully integrate with the nanotech systems on his last shore leave, and it still felt unnatural. He’d thought he would have months, years even, to learn the nuances of the systems and how he could integrate them into his life and career without revealing himself to the galaxy at large. The miracle that it was those systems now responsible for his life after crashing the Kelvin into an enemy ship was already almost impossible to believe. It was too much like what he had thought to be unbelievable adventures of his ancestors from their journals. 

“Status?” He asked, nearly breathless. 

“The Kelvin is gone. The enemy ship has suffered damages to, what I project to be 20 percent of its systems.” 

“Will the evacuation shuttles make it?” He asked as his eyes finally focused clearly on the HUD displays of the lightweight nanotech suit that had in-cased him mere seconds before the Kelvin had collided with the enemy ship.

“Their weapon systems are currently offline; it is uncertain if they will remain offline long enough for the evacuation-craft to clear the area.”

George Tiberius Kirk took a slow, deep breath. “Estimated additional damage with the destruction of the Mark SF-V?”

“It would likely add another 20 percent damage to core systems and guarantee the safe evacuation.”

It was the same choice on repeat. The lives of those he had, by choice, taken responsibility for rested in his hands. They were within his ability to protect, even if for just a few seconds longer. Memories of his summer self-studies the year before he finally decided on the command track at the academy filtered through his memory. Journal logs and video clips that had helped him made that choice.

… Not that death at any time is ever timely… part of the journey is the end.

“Transfer all authorization priority codes to James Tiberius Kirk. Authorization Golf-Alpha-Nine-Three-Five-One-Six-Eight-Four-Juliet.”

“Transfer Accepted.”

“Look after my boy, F.R.I.D.A.Y.”

“Of course, we all will, George.”

“He’s going to have a hard time of it. Make sure he knows who he really is.”

“Transfer Completed. Transfer protocols have been transmitted. I ensured the L.I.R.A.S. module followed your wife onto her shuttle during the evacuation.”

George took another slow deep breath, looking carefully around where he was wedged up against pieces from the bridge of the Kelvin and the enemy ship. He looked out past the jagged spear like points of the enemy ship to the glittering stars and the floating debris caused from their brief and very one-sided battle. He could just barely make out bits of movement that just maybe the evacuation craft. His family, even now moving farther away. He heard a shifting whir of mechanics and a hum of energy from the ship behind him.

“They are restarting weapon systems, George.”

He closed his eyes tightly and let out a slow breath, “Initiate Self-Destruct Code Delta-Six-Tango Alpha-Roger-Kilo-Five.”

“Self-Destruct initiated in twenty seconds.”

He opened his eyes and searched for any sign of his wife’s shuttle, the self-destruct countdown flickering red in the lower right corner of the HUD display, but he ignored it.

The screen magnified and a baby’s cry played in his ear just as the shuttle came into focus.

“Thank you, F.R.I.D.A.Y.”

“Of course, George, it’s been a pleasure. You’ve done the Stark Legacy great honor.”

Ten Seconds flashed red. 

“Dream big impossible dreams, Jim.”


“Always strive to achieve what they tell you can’t be done.”


“I believe in you.”



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