Just Write – Holiday Bingo [Art Card]

How It Works
Holiday Bingo is a year-long bingo challenge where your 5×5 bingo card has 24 generic prompts + 1 free space. Your story should be the generic prompt fused with any holiday. You can use all the same holiday, 25 different holidays, 12 holidaysx2; it’s your choice. They can be major, minor, or almost unknown holidays.

First Bingo: JourneyHomeConfessionFireFamily

B: Accident, Camping, Water, Journey, Music

  • Water + Watermelon Day, Fandom: Free!
  • Journey + National Road Trip Day, Fandom: Saiyuki
  • Music + Carnival!, Fandom: One Piece

I: Baking, Chocolate, Tradition, Home, Mountain

  • Tradition + Obon festival, Fandom: Naruto
  • Home + Opening Day, Fandom: Ace of Diamond

N: Indoors, Earth, Free!, Confession, Legend

  • Confession + Save Your Photo Day, Fandom: Yuri on Ice
  • Legend + Solstice, Fandom: Sailor Moon

G: Travel, Light, Celebration, Fire, Market

  • Light + New Year, Fandom: Yuri on Ice
  • Fire + Beltane, Fandom: Sailor Moon

O: Welcome, Wind, Pets, Family, Shopping

  • Wind + National Archery Day: Tsurune
  • Family + Hanami, Fandom: One Piece
Just Write 2022 Holiday Bingo ART Card

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