The figure skating world is rocked on its axis after Russian figure skater Viktor Nikiforov comes online as a guide during his exhibition skate at the 2009 World Championships. An investigation is launched by the International Skating Union(ISU) and quickly uncovers a conspiracy within the Russian Skating Federation(RSF).

Recovering Hope

Obi-Wan Kenobi had been lost in grief for over a decade after the rise of The Empire. Now he has been pulled back into the greater galaxy and reminded of what it means to fight for light and hope after meeting young Leia Organa. Now he must follow his instincts and the force once more to protect and guide the light in the future.

Spirit of the Fox

Ten years after the first Maikai Tournament, Reikai calls on Kurama to help with a case once more. A Nogitsune's seal is weakening and Reikei needs to kitsune found and dealt with before it can break loose.

From the Ashes

The Yondaime was dead and Konoha was now at its most vulnerable since the village’s founding. Sarutobi Hiruzen must face how he will shape Konoha’s future for generations to come in the hours after the Kyuubi’s defeat. Will he simply react to the threats they face now, or will he prepare for their future for years to come?


Kagome has returned to the present now that the Shikon-no-Tama is gone and the battle with Naraku is truly over. Now, she must find her place in a modern age despite all her effort to find her own strength while five hundred years in the past. Now she just needs to finish her education, find a way to learn to control her spiritual power that has no place in the modern-day, and face all the trauma she has from living in survivor mode for the past three years.

Expressions of Creativity

working to bring creativity back into my day-to-day life through writing, art, and more

EAD 2024

EAD 2024
This year for Evil Author Day I have decided to post several chapters of my Work in Progress, Lost Uzumaki.

2023 in Review

2023 in Review
2023 in Review, both Creativity and Personal.

Creativity and Fanfic Banners

Creativity and Fanfic Banners
It has been my inspiration and pleasure to create several banners for fanfic works by other author’s than myself in the recent months. I have been playing a lot with Picsart in the last year and have found an interesting dynamic between the tools and resources provided in the webapp...

Site Updates

I'm in the process of updating story posts for readability.

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