Spirit of the Fox

Title: Spirt of the Fox 
Author: Silver Dragonfly
Genre: General, Supernatural, Drama
Rating: PG -13 
Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho, Teen Wolf
Character Focus/Pairing: Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Warnings: possession (of the spirit or soul), Canon typical violence, minor character death 
Challenge: Big Moxie Q2 – Fusion
Words: 31,591
Beta: N/A – This is a grammar-checked 1st Draft. I will likely go back and do a full edit later on but wanted to get the story up for Big Moxie 2023 – Q2.
Summary: Ten years after the first Maikai Tournament, Reikai calls on Kurama to help with a case once more. This case takes Kurama to North America where he must learn to navigate a very different supernatural community that he is used to. Reikai’s lack of oversight in the Western World of North America and Europe has created many problems and the further he investigates, the more Kurama uncovers. While uncovering and navigating these new dangers he must deal with his primary task and find the demon that Reikai has detected is breaking free of its prison. 

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About Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho: Minamino Suichi is the name given to the human infant Kurama possessed after escaping from Makai with a fatal wound. By merging and possessing a human baby he survived the injury and escaped his pursuers. At this point, Kurama became Minamino Suichi in body and soul/spirit. This is cannon from Yu Yu Hakusho. It is my headcanon, that the possessed child was dying or would not have survived had Kurama not merged with it. As Kurama navigates the mundane/human realm, he will use his given human name. For those who know who he really is and to himself, he is simply Kurama. 

(Fun Fact: The nine-tailed fox in Naruto was in fact named after Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho per author/creator Masashi Kishimoto)


Cast Image for Spirit of the Fox

Left to Right: Jun Shison [Kurama/Suichi Minamino], Ai Yoshikawa [Shizuru Kuwabara], Kanata Hongo [Hiei], Rena Nonen [Yukina]. The actors for Kurama and Hiei are both from the Live-Action YYH Netflix casting.

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