EAD 2023

This year for Evil Author Day I have decided to post several chapters of my Work in Progress, Lost Uzumaki.

Note: you may find all my EAD contributions as well as a description of what it is on my EAD page here.

While I took a writing/posting hiatus on the story itself, this was meant to allow me to avoid burn out and reassess why I was falling into a rut with the story. Since that time I have put quite a bit of effort into re-kindling my creativity and discovering what writing methods and processes actually serve me best. This has included trying out new tools and software, as well as giving myself permission to work on multiple projects at a time. I also took a hard look at world-building as a writing tool as good world-building elements have always been some of my favorite parts of stories. (This eventually led to me brainstorming, plotting, and writing From the Ashes)

Regarding Lost Uzumaki, I have a decent amount written that has not been edited or posted. Only a small amount of that is actually in these chapters I ofter now for EAD. The end plot still is proving a bit elusive for me to pin down, so as with all EAD posts, there are no promises as for when there may be more.

If you have never read Lost Uzumaki, you may want to read it from the start, here.

The story has been restructured into parts since it was first posted on FF.net and Ao3. Parts 1-4 were already complete and Part 5 is completed with these new additions. Enjoy!

EAD: Lost Uzumaki > Part 5: The Journey

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