Kitsune no Tsuki – Arc 1: Ch 01-03

Title: Kitsune no Tsuki
Author: Silver Dragonfly
Fandom: Naruto x Sailor Moon
Genre: General, Drama, Alternate Universe
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Canon Character Death, Canon Level Violence
Words: 24,336

Summary: During peace talks hosted by Konohagakure between The Golden Kingdom and The Silver Moon Kingdom, Namikaze Minato fell in love. Nine months later his children were born, and due to the politics, logistics, and the secrecy of their relationship, the newborn twins were separated. One each remained with each parent. Twelve years later, the estranged twins are meeting for the first time.

Chapter 1

Serenity looked back over her shoulder just as she reached the threshold of a stone portal archway. The keystone at the top was marked intricately with the different symbols representing all the worlds of Sol, one of which glowed white to indicate the destination. Within the arch an active portal glowed blue and green, light and mist swirling within the edges of the stone archway. Tears threatened to spill down her cheeks, but she held them back. “I will return!” she whispered with determination then turned back and stepped through the activated portal. The promise of meeting her twin for the first time was the only thing that kept her from turning to race back into the palace halls. Entering right after her were four young girls, two Lunar Guardians, and a young woman bearing the mark of the Leaf quickly following. No sooner had they passed through the arched gateway and swirling mists then the lights dimmed, and the portal went dormant leaving no trace of the lights that had filled the arch only moments before.

Just as the eight figures vanished from the hidden inner courtyard of the Moon Kingdom palace there was a thundering crash that shook the walls and made the leaves of the all the plants within tremble in motion. A squad of armored figures burst into the courtyard and surveyed the area but saw nothing but a deserted garden with stone archways covered in trailing vines and blossoms.

“This sector is cleared, keep searching. The Princess is to be taken alive.” The leader of the squad ordered, and the armored figures quickly filed back out the way they had come.

Twelve years earlier…

“Are you certain there is no way to take him to his family, or even contact them?” Sarutobi, the recently re-instated Sandaime Hokage of Konoha, asked.

“I wish it were not so, but Queen Selenity dared not risk any further contact with the Shadows creeping closer. She risked much even allowing Minato-sama to come with Rin-san at the time of their birth. We will be fortunate still if our travel back to Konoha with him remains undiscovered. There is no way for me to return to the Moon Kingdom or even contact them. These measures were taken for both the children’s safety.” the tall and lanky man with long almost wavy dark hair replied from the other side of the Hokage’s desk.

Sarutobi sighed and looked away from the man named Konshu who bore the gold crescent mark of the Moon, turning to study the portrait of his successor. The Fourth Hokage of Konoha, Namikaze Minato, lost in the recent attack of the Kyuubi. He gazed once more upon the sleeping infant now left with no family to look after him.

“The law I established will only do so much to protect him from the villager’s misguided anger. Are you certain you cannot take full guardianship?”

“I cannot. It would only cause further suspicion. I will guard and watch him as closely as I am able, but he must not learn who I am or who he truly is until he is able to protect himself. Too many in the shinobi and elemental countries saw the beginnings of Minato’s relationship with Selenity. For any of them to learn of a lunar guardian raising the boy would be too much.” Konshu replied.

“Uzumaki,” Sarutobi said softly. Konshu gave him a questioning look. “That is the family name he will bear until he is able to carry the heritage of his parents.”


Over the next several years Uzumaki Naruto grew up mostly alone, feeling the scorn of the village but never understanding why. Yet it was not all darkness and shadow for the bright-eyed blonde boy. Whenever things seemed to be about the worst, one of three people he came to trust and depend on would always seem to appear. These three took the time to cheer the child up and help right some of the wrongs being wrought when so many others simply turned away.

The first instance had been while Naruto was still living in the village orphanage. After a particularly bad run-in with the orphanage Mistress and some of the other children in residence there, Naruto had fled to the nearby park and hid there to cry out his frustrations alone. However, he did not remain alone long as a dark gray, nearly charcoal-colored cat wearing a bandana around its ears and over its forehead appeared and curled up with the child, keeping him warm and letting the young boy cry into his fur. The two remained there for several hours, Naruto eventually crying himself to sleep, until Sarutobi arrived.

The cat looked up at Sarutobi with intelligent blue eyes and then spoke. “If he stays there any longer, they will break his spirit, Hokage-sama.”

Sarutobi’s sad expression did not change as he bent down to pick up the sleeping child. Konshu leaped onto the old man’s shoulder keeping his own watch over the boy still.

“Then we will have to move him out. Would you be willing to take up the role as a landlord, Konshu-san?”

“I would do that and more for him, you know that by now. You have tried to find a place for him but none have been willing so we will have to make one. He needs a shelter from this village’s bitterness so that he may grow into who he is and not what they would turn him into.

From that night on Naruto never returned to the orphanage, but in fact moved into a small apartment complex owned by a man whom Naruto noticed did not look at him like so many others did. Instead, the man often asked the boy for stories of his day-to-day adventures, and so Naruto came to know his second and third friend after the old man Hokage. The first being his new landlord who insisted he be called Konshu rather than jii-san and the dark colored cat that often appeared when he was alone and just needed a silent but comforting friend.

The days went by turning into weeks, months and then years as Naruto grew, dodging the hated remarks and learning to ignore the icy glares. Eventually Naruto learned to pay back some of the nastier tricks played on him and soon a full-blown prankster was born much to the amusement of his landlord. This in turn led to his landlord offering a trade after the first ‘attack’ Naruto made on him. He would teach Naruto what he could and even help him get needed supplies as long as he was not made the target of any of the child’s pranks. It was in this manner that Naruto learned to accept whatever lessons his landlord offered since no one else, including some of his academy teachers, were willing. If the knowledge he gained from the landlord was unusual (after all no other aspiring genin hopeful seemed to know about the stories in the stars), Naruto didn’t mind as he found the stories Konshu-san told him very interesting. Soon Naruto was in his last year of the academy, this being the best year by far, as his teacher actually seemed to care if Naruto learned or not. It was with Iruka’s help through a series of unique events that he was able to earn his leaf forehead protector and a place in his genin team. No one, not even his sometimes teacher-guardian and landlord, expected how much more the blonde-haired boy’s life would soon change.


“What’s going on out here?!” Morino Ibiki grumbled as he entered the main foyer leading to the Hokage’s office and found a group of cloaked figures, most of them the size of children, being held by the current guard detail.

“Ibiki-san, this woman claims to be a Konoha shinobi returning from a long-term mission, but her papers don’t match the seal checks and she refused to reveal the identities of herself and those in her party. I’m not sure how they got past the outer gate check.” one of the guards answered him. Ibiki frowned and stepped forward extending a hand for the paperwork which the guard hurriedly handed over. He quickly scanned the documents, his eyes resting on the authoritive seal that should have marked them official. Outwardly, he gave no physical reaction to what he saw; his mind, however, raced at the subtle addition to the Yondaime Hokage’s personal seal that marked the paper. Could this woman really have been on an extended mission for at least twelve years?

“Wait here.” He ordered gruffly then headed for the Hokage’s office with the papers in hand and knocked soundly on the door, waiting for a response from within before opening the door.

“Kakashi, give Team Seven some recovery time after collecting your mission pay and return to me for a more detailed report. Team Seven under Hatake Kakashi, dismissed.” the Hokage ordered. Ibiki stood aside a moment to let the genin team and jounin pass, closing the door behind them before stepping forward to address the Hokage.

“Yes Ibiki-san, what is it?” Sarutobi asked not rising from his desk and lifting one hand to rub his left temple.

“You need to check the seals on these papers, sir. At first glance they appear to be a poor forgery, but something struck me as odd about it.” Ibiki answered, handing over the papers once he was within range.

The Hokage accepted them, his eye’s immediately widening as he scanned them over. “It can’t be… How many are with the shinobi presenting these, Ibiki?”

“I counted six hooded figures, sir; there may also be two feline pets with them. Five of the figures were of a height and bulk that resembled children.”

“Send them in immediately and see to it I am not disturbed save for emergency until I state otherwise.”

“Of course, sir.”


Meanwhile, the passing of Team seven in the foyer was not exactly quiet.

“A week off? What are we supposed to do with that much time off!” Naruto grumbled his hands resting on the back of his head.

“You could train dobe.” Sasuke replied with a smirk.

Naruto growled and was about to make a retort when he froze in mid step staring at the cloaked figures still waiting in the foyer. He could feel it… that feeling from his dreams…the presence he felt was so familiar he could swear he’d known and missed it his whole life.

“Naruto you idiot!” Sakura growled and smacked the back of his head knocking him out of his stupor. “It’s rude to stare!” she chastised and kept nudging him along and away from those in the foyer. Not noticing how closely one of the shorter cloaked figures watched their passing nor noting how her sensei paused and momentarily studied the group before also following his team out of the foyer and on towards payroll.

The taller of the figures reached a handout to rest on the shortest figure’s shoulder breaking the figures focus from the departed team. Before any words could be spoken, Ibiki reappeared from the Hokage’s office.

“You are to go in to see the Hokage immediately.” He told them and gestured them through the doorway and closed it tightly behind them. The guards looked at Ibiki waiting for an explanation.

“Hokage-sama is not to be disturbed for any reason bar emergency until he himself has stated otherwise.” Ibiki ordered and then parted off to his own office ignoring the somewhat confused expressions on the guards he left behind.


Six cloaked figures slipped quietly into the office the tallest of the group leading the way towards the Hokage’s desk. He observed silently at how they behaved with each other, four of the shorter figures flanked themselves around the fifth in a guard formation, their nervousness and tenseness apparent.

“Hokage-sama,” the leader of the group greeted bowing but did not reveal her identity yet save for that she was a woman from her voice. From the seal Ibiki had shown him he had thought he’d be prepared for the next words she spoke, “Where is Minato-sensei?”

He shook his head slowly. “I’m sorry Rin-san. Minato died just over twelve years ago saving the village.”

His words caused loud gasps from several of the group, the figure in the center of the group recoiled physically the hood of her cloak falling back to reveal silvery blonde hair and bright blue eyes wide in shock. “Dead?” She breathed her voice so soft and yet it immediately reminded him of Queen Selenity whom he had met those many years ago during the trade and peace conferences that Konoha had hosted for the ruling families of Earth and Moon.

Sarutobi, smiled sadly. By now all the others had let hoods fall away to reveal the entire group was in fact made up of young girls and one young woman as well as two felines who had appeared from two of the other girls’ arms as they turned to support the girl, he could only assume was the Princess Serenity, heiress of the Moon and daughter of Queen Selenity and Namikaze Minato.

Rin let the girls comfort their ward and turned to the Sandaime Hokage. “What happened Hokage-sama, where is Serenity’s twin?”

“He’s alive… that was him. The boy that passed us before we came in… wasn’t it?” Serenity asked softly, a warm and determined light shining in her eyes.

The Hokage nodded briefly, “Please, take seats all of you, and I will tell you what occurred here the very night Minato returned from the Moon.” Once they were settled, he began the sad tale knowing it had to be told before he could in turn ask them why they were now here after so many years of no contact.


Naruto let out a deep sigh as he seated himself on the ground above the Hokage monument, more specifically above the face of the Yondaime. He stared out over the village, but unlike usual, the sight of it didn’t calm his spinning thoughts much. He had expected to have his mind troubled with thoughts of his most recent mission to the country of wave and all the events that had taken place there. Yet that is not what he found to be most on his mind, rather it was the group of cloaked figures he had seen at the central tower waiting to be admitted to the Hokage, in particular the one that he knew had been staring back at him. The girl’s presence had called out to him as soon as he had stepped out of the Hokage’s office and become aware of it. He hadn’t pinpointed it to the cloaked figure till he had nearly passed her by. Her… he knew it had to have been her, even if she had been concealed by the cloak. The girl that he had been sharing dreams with off and on his whole life, dreams he had never told anyone about. He held them much too close to his heart to risk someone mocking them or worse thinking there was something wrong and trying to prevent the dreams all together.

No, the dreams were important, special, his only way of talking to his best friend. He couldn’t remember exactly when the dreams had first started but he did remember that the last time he had met her in his dreams, she had been worried. Could something have happened to the beautiful place he was sure she called home, the place he always seemed to travel to when he dreamed of her? It was the only reason he could think of that would suddenly bring her to Konoha… to his home.

Usagi… the name she had given him as hers though he knew she had other names. This was her personal name, her name among friends and family. Then he remembered what had happened on his mission… would she understand what had happened? She’d always seemed to understand him before, and always knew when he tried to hide that he was sad… just as he could always tell when she was upset as well. But this was different… he hadn’t talked to her since his graduation since he had learned of the Kyuubi. Suddenly he was very afraid…


Kakashi strolled up the hall into the foyer just before the Hokage’s office nonchalantly passing by the two guards as he approached the doors leading into the Hokage’s office.

“Hatake-san, I’m sorry but the Hokage left strict order that he was not to be disturbed save for an emergency. You will have to wait.” The one to his right spoke moving to stop the silvery haired man from proceeding.

Kakashi just turned to him and smiled through his mask at the guard, “And who said I didn’t have an emergency to report?” Before the guard could reply he had opened the door and slipped inside closing it behind him. He turned to face the occupants of the room, the Hokage staring at him with an arched eyebrow. “You did say to come back later for a more detailed report.”

“Kakashi you idiot,” a woman’s voice muttered at him. Kakashi’s single visible eye shifted immediately to the only other adult in the room, noting how quickly four of the girls had resumed a guard formation around the fifth.

“Rin…” Kakashi answered, his words barely above a whisper.

“Well, are you going to greet an old team mate properly your scarecrow, not to mention the daughter of our sensei.” The woman replied. The girls immediately relaxed their positions but still seemed unwilling to move away from the fifth they were obviously protecting.

Kakashi stood visibly stunned, “Minato-sensei had a daughter?” With that realization his gaze returned to the five girls as he studied them carefully. Closest to him was a girl with raven black hair falling down to her hips. Her violet eyes met him steadily telling him she would accept him for now because her companion had, but that didn’t mean she trusted him. A bit ahead of her and closer to the Hokage was a girl with hair bobbed just above her shoulder in an unusual shade of dark blue with eyes just a few shades lighter. She smiled at him before his gaze moved on. Straight across from the blue was a blonde, this one immediately held his attention though he noted right away that her hair which fell down to her hips was several shades lighter than that of his sensei’s. A good portion of it was held back with a vibrant red bow, cornflower blue eyes met his steadily and then she winked at him. She was a possibility, but he chose to continue his study before speaking as the last of the girls in the guard formation and second closest to him after the raven haired one was a tall brunette, her chocolate locks tied up in a ponytail secured by a tie ornamented with two green orbs on it. The orbs matched the green of the girl’s eyes almost perfectly. This one smirked at him and he moved his gaze onto the fifth and felt his chest tighten slightly, as his sensei’s eyes meet his, there was no doubt of it and the girl’s hairstyle was an exact replica of that of Queen Selenity.

The Hokage cleared his throat, “Take a seat Kakashi and may I introduce to you to Serenity, daughter of Namikaze Minato and Queen Selenity of the White Moon. Rin has just returned from a long-term posting there to be a representative of Konoha in her father’s place. I should probably also inform you that your student Uzumaki Naruto, is in fact Serenity’s twin.”

Had Kakashi not been wearing a mask, the completely shocked expression would have been even more evident in a wide-open mouth stare, but as he was, he was saved some of his pride has he was brought out of his shock by a chuckling Rin.

“Nice fish face Kakashi.” She commented before then gesturing to the rest of the girls. “The other four here are Serenity’s Inner Court and Guardians, princesses in their own right as well. The blonde closest to me is Minako of Venus, behind her is Makoto of Jupiter, to her right is Rei of Mars and in front of Rei is Ami of Mercury. If you hadn’t gathered, Serenity is the one in the center.”

Kakashi glanced the girls over as they were introduced matching names to faces and noting similarities between the girls and the women who must have been their mothers who served the Queen when she was here on Earth. His gaze settled longest on Serenity who looked rather nervous under his scrutiny, but the girls all bore signs of fatigue as well. After a moment he finally spoke, “You have your father’s eyes Serenity.”

The girl smiled at him, “Usagi, please. All my family and friends call me Usagi. Rin-neesan has told us much about you Kakashi-san.” The girl then turned toward the Hokage, “Hokage-sama, when will I get to see my brother?”

The Hokage pondered for a moment, from his brief interview with team seven just before the girls had arrived it had been evident that their recent mission has impacted them all deeply and such a shock of information as meeting his sister would cause could be even more strain on the boy. He turned to Kakashi, “Is he stable enough after the mission to take the shock this sudden wealth of information would give him Kakashi?”

Kakashi didn’t miss the sudden worried look on the silver blonde haired girls face at the Hokage’s statement. “I believe so Hokage-sama, though he may be hard to track down at this particular moment. I had a clone shadowing him, but the clone lost him at least an hour ago.”

The Hokage frowned in concern.

“I will find him.” Serenity stated standing quickly and before anyone, even her senshi, could stop her she vanished in a silver flash that left a few downy white feathers softly falling to the ground behind her.

The raven-haired girl that Rin had named Rei groaned. “That meatball head…”

Kakashi and the Hokage both stared at the space the blonde-haired girl had occupied only moments before. It was Rin who broke the silence.

“Just like Minato-sensei, but without seals. Though, she does need to either know where she is going or have someone to focus in on. We had quite a few discussions with her about when and whom she could use that ability around when she first uncovered it.”

“Hiraishin….” The Third Hokage whispered. To think that Minato’s daughter had unlocked the secret to the Yondaime’s most recognized technique. “I will have to speak to her about that ability. It could bring great danger to her here.”

Kakashi bent down to pick up one of the feathers and blinked as it vanished as soon as he touched it, the others quickly fading away as well. “Should I go after her?”

It was Minako who spoke up in response first, “Probably not the best idea. She will want to be alone when she first meets him and well, she probably went straight to him. If you can’t find him, you won’t find her either.”

Rin sighed. “Minako is right. That wasn’t a jutsu but rather a natural ability of hers. None of us will be able to follow her when she takes off like that. Don’t worry though, she will find her twin and come back with him, I’m sure.”

Kakashi was skeptic but shrugged, Rin knew the girl while he did not, and he had been serious about Naruto being difficult to find.


She had known it was him as soon as she saw him coming out of the Hokage’s office. Knew he had recognized her despite being hidden under a cloak. She had noted his energy signature and the surge of connection in the bond they shared from being so close in person for the first time in over twelve years. It was that bond that she used when she flashed out of the Hokage’s office and reappeared just a few feet behind him. She noticed him tensing immediately, but before she said anything to him directly, she saw the village stretched out before them.

“It’s beautiful Naruto. This is the monument view you told me about, isn’t it?” She asked as she slowly sat down beside him.

Naruto nodded slowly turning to watch her, a puzzled expression crossing his face as he took in her appearance with the hood of her cloak down. “Usa-chan, your hair?”

She smiled taking her gaze off the village to meet his. “It started to shift as soon as we arrived on Earth and has been daily turning more gold. I wonder if your hair would turn silver on the Moon…though we may never get that chance.” Her expression turned more serious, and sadness filled her eyes.

“Usa-chan… what happened?” He asked, he’d never seen her look like this before.

“We were attacked. We knew that there was an enemy planning something…but they had already infiltrated even the royal guard. The Queen’s they…they and the Senshi; they made me leave with Rin-neesan and the girls when it was obvious that the fighting was reaching the inner palace. I don’t even know if mom was fighting them or if she too was escaping, but I heard the guards say something about the Queen’s study and a disaster…” her words trailed off as the tears began to slip down her cheeks. Naruto raised a hand to rest on her shoulder in comfort and Usagi immediately turned to face him. “I will go back. No matter what happened to Mom, I’m not going to let them win. I will make sure that my home… my Kingdom is free from them!” She stated with such confidence that Naruto could only nod and grin.

“I’ll help you Usagi! You know I will!!”

Usagi nodded and raised a sleeve to wipe away her tears. “Just like how I promised to help you however I could to become Hokage.”

Naruto grinned and turned back to the view of the village. “Yeah”

Usagi turned with him and then with a small smirk, “After all that’s what family is for, and if I can’t help my twin then I will never be able to help an entire Kingdom.”

Naruto turned back to her gaping, “Twin?!?”

Usagi grinned. “What, do you not want me for a sister?”

“No, I mean of course I do! But… how?” Naruto answered quickly.

“It wasn’t until after our last dream meeting that mom and Rin-neesan told me the story. They said that I was old enough now to understand why it had been kept secret. Our mother, Queen Selenity of the White Moon- “

“Wait, you’re saying my mother is Queen Selenity!” Naruto interrupted a bit skeptic.

“She’s my mother to.” Usagi replied sticking her tongue out at him, then continued. “Anyways, she met our father while visiting Earth for trade and treaty meetings with the ruling family of Earth. Konoha was providing the security and the Fire daimyo the ‘neutral’ territory since the governments of the Elemental countries are run differently then all those that answer directly to the Earth royal family. Mom said that there was just something about Dad that caught her attention and drew her to him. Lady Venus simply called it love at first sight. Unfortunately, there were shadows of an enemy movement building and such a close relationship between the White Moon Queen and the Yondaime Hokage would have made Konoha and easy target to get at the White Moon. Konoha’s shinobi’s while strong, would not be able to face that type of attention without great loss.

“Did you say the Yondaime Hokage?” Naruto asked eyes wide, the number of shocks he was receiving were beginning to add up.

“That’s right.” Usagi replied, “He was also Rin-neesan’s sensei, which is why he chose her to be his representative on the Moon so I would be able to learn of my father’s heritage even while living on the Moon. Needless to say, our parents’ relationship was kept very secret and when we were born, we were almost immediately separated. I was kept with our mother, particularly since the rule of the Moon always passes from mother to daughter. You were sent with our father to grow up in Konoha as his legacy. In this way our parents would always have a piece of each other even when apart. Enemies, however, were beginning to suspect that there was some tie between Konoha and the White Moon. This led to a full isolation of Earth from the White Moon as soon as Namikaze Minato returned to Earth with you and a lunar guardian assigned to you much as Rin-neesan was assigned to me. There would be no more contact between the Earth and the Moon until it was deemed safe by the Silver Alliance.

“Silver Alliance… what’s that?” Naruto asked trying to grasp everything she was saying.

“That’s the alliance of all the planets in our solar system ruled over all by the Guardianship of the White Moon. Earth is the only planet not officially part of the alliance as it is the youngest to develop life and civilization. All though the White Moon has been guarding Earth ever since its spirit first awoke.”

“Oh. Is that why your guard is made of princesses of the other planets?” He asked.

Usagi nodded.

“Wow…” and then he frowned. “But our father didn’t have me. He died the night we were born. The very night he brought me home to Konoha… He…” Naruto looked down and clenched his fists at his side.

Usagi rested one of her hands over his reassuringly. “He died protecting the village from the demon that threatened to destroy it. He died sealing it into you, believing that you had the strength to protect Konoha from it even though you were not even a full day old. He believed in you.” She said softly.

Naruto looked up to meet her gaze in obvious surprise that she knew the full story.

“Hokage-sama told us. I wish I had known sooner that you were my brother and what had happened. If I had been able to tell Rin-neesan and Mom… you wouldn’t have been left alone.”

“Usa… thanks. But… what if… what if I can’t keep the demon sealed. What if it breaks free? What if it takes control of me and uses me to hurt all I want to protect?!”

“You won’t let it. You are stronger than that fox ever will be.” She smiled brightly and he couldn’t help but smile in return. “We should go back to the Hokage, they’re waiting for us.”

“Can we wait here a bit first?” He asked, not quite ready to go face the Hokage after everything he’d just heard.

Usagi nodded hugging him briefly and then turned back to the view of the village spread out before them.


“Aren’t you worried about her?” Sarutobi asked. It had been twenty minutes at least since Serenity had what he could at best call teleport or flashed out of the room. Kakashi had just stepped out to send a messenger to find Konshu and bring him to the Central Tower.

Rin shook her head. “They already know each other Hokage-sama. Besides, unless Usagi wants to be found she won’t, especially with how she feels about finally meeting Naruto in person.”

“But how, they have not even been on the same planet since they were born-”

“Dreams Hokage-sama,” Rei interrupted. “They share a very special bond as twins, a bond that has brought their spirits together in dreams many times over the years. Although only Rin-sensei and her mother knew exactly who the boy she spoke of was until more recently.”

“They’ve met in dreams?” The Hokage questioned.

“I didn’t really believe it at first either Hokage-sama,” Rin explained. “But Queen Selenity was sure of it after listening to the stories Usagi told of her meetings. The two are already very close I believe.”

“I wonder why Naruto never told anyone…” Sarutobi pondered.

“It’s not a common thing. And considering some of the things Usagi told us that Naruto had to deal with, he may have been afraid that someone would try to prevent the dreams here.” Rei added.

“I see. Well, we can start to make arrangements for your placements here in Konoha in the meantime. Do any of the girls have shinobi training?” The Hokage asked. Rin smirked.

“Ami and Usagi should both be placed as genin apprentice medic-nin. Usagi in particular seems to have a special talent for it. Ami is incredibly adept at analysis and research. Minako, Makoto, and Rei would be best suited as a genin team placement until they can take the chuunin exam. Their abilities are suitable, though it will be a necessary handicap that they will not be using any of their senshi abilities. Any use of such planetary powers would like lead the enemy right to us.” Rin reported.

“Chuunin? Don’t you think you might be rushing it Rin-chan…” Kakashi prodded upon reentering the room. Rin’s eyes narrowed.

“These four girls were sworn in as inner court and guardians of Princess Serenity from age six. Not only have they had extensive battle training as growing sailor senshi, but they have also had basic shinobi training from me. This goes for Usagi as well. Her father wanted her to know her heritage from him. I have made sure of that.”

The Hokage knew better than to doubt her any further on the matter. “Very well, I will have Iruka set up an academy evaluation exam for formality’s sake. Now for housing arrangements-”

At that moment there was a knock at the office door as one of the guards spoke up, “Hokage-sama the apartment building landlord you sent for is here.”

“Send him in.” Sandaime replied.

The door opened and a tall lanky haired man slipped in the door closing it behind him quietly. His long dark charcoal hair was secured simply in a warrior’s tail and a bandana bearing no shinobi markings covered his head resting just above his eyebrows.

“Hokage-sama, you sent for me?”

“Konshu, don’t tell me you don’t recognize us?” spoke up the black feline that had up till now been sitting silently in Ami’s lap.

“L… Luna!”

The Hokage arched an eyebrow. “You know each other then?”

The black feline turned back towards the Hokage. “Of course, we know him, he is my brother. As he was assigned to Naruto, so I am to Serenity. My companion Artemis here is assigned to Minako who is the leader of the Inner court.”

“If you are here, where is the Princess?” Konshu asked, a frown creasing his lips.

“She has gone to retrieve her twin.” Kakashi chirped in.

“Alone?” Konshu replied, skeptic.

“Well, we couldn’t exactly stop her when she flashed out now could we?” muttered Minako, “Not fair of Usa-chan to leave us behind.”

No sooner had the Venusian princess spoken then there was a silvery gold flash that revealed the two in question.

Rei immediately jumped to her feet with her hands on her hips. “Usagi you Meatball Head! You know better than to take off on your own!”

Usagi just stuck her tongue out at the Martian girl.

“Hey! No one calls Usagi names, and she wasn’t alone!” Naruto spoke up in her defense.

“Can it Whiskers!” Rei snapped back.

Kakashi and Konshu snickered as Naruto stared at her flabbergasted, even the Hokage smiled at the scene.

“Rei-chan, she is here safe. You shouldn’t yell at Naruto-sama when you have just met.” Soft spoken Ami chastised trying to prevent one of the traditional bickering wars that often sprung up between Rei and Usagi.

Rei snorted but returned to her seat.

Usagi giggled. “Everyone, meet my twin Naruto. Naruto, the one who called you Whiskers is Rei, Ami is sitting next to her with Luna in her lap. Beside her is Rin-neesan. On Rei’s other side is Minako with Artemis, and next to her is Makoto.”

“Ne, ne, Makoto-chan is it true that you are a really good cook! Usa-chan said you made the best cookies ever. Do you know how to make ramen?”

“Slow down Naruto, you can expose them all to your obsession with ramen soon enough.” Konshu commented resting a hand on Naruto’s shoulder from behind.

“Konshu-san, what are you doing here?” Naruto asked suddenly nervous.

“I was summoned by Hokage-sama. Now won’t you introduce me to your twin?” He asked, smiling.

“Oh yeah… um… Usa-chan this is Konshu-san, the one I told you about.” Naruto stated.

Usagi turned to the taller man and grinned. “You are the cat that always cheered him up, aren’t you?”

Konshu nodded, glancing at Naruto nervously.

“What!?” Naruto exclaimed.

“Luna and Artemis have human forms, but almost never use them.” Usagi explained.

“So, you’re from the Moon?” Naruto asked Konshu who nodded in affirmative. Naruto’s expression hardened. “You knew. You knew who my father was all this time.”

Konshu’s expression sobered, “Yes Naruto. I have always known your father was Namikaze Minato.”

“Why! Why didn’t you tell me!?” The blonde genin demanded, anger tensing his muscles as he stared at Konshu, waiting for an answer.

“For your safety.” The Hokage answered before Konshu spoke causing Naruto to turn quickly to face the old man. Usagi came to his side, resting her hands on one of his arms.

“My safety?” Naruto demanded, not understanding.

“Your father was famous among the Elemental countries Naruto. Though he had many friends and allies, he had just as many powerful enemies. By keeping your parentage hidden we kept them from hunting you before you were strong enough to defend yourself. It is why you carry the name Uzumaki and not Namikaze.”

Naruto hung his head in defeat. That he hated it was obvious, but he seemed to accept it. “When?”

The Hokage frowned, “I don’t understand what you are asking.”

“When can I use my father’s name?” Naruto restated.

“When you are ready to,” came the reply from behind him and Konshu knelt down so his gaze was level with Naruto’s as the boy turned back to face him again. “That day may come soon, or it may not come for many years. You will know, here in your heart Naruto, when it is time. Until that time, you will have to keep this precious secret hidden, just as your sister will.”

Naruto’s expression softened as he then turned to Usagi who held onto him offering his support, his eyes seeking an answer from her as well. She nodded.

“We will know Naruto. We will know when we can reclaim what is rightfully ours again.”

“Well then, it has been a very trying day for all of us, and we need to finish getting all of you settled in. Konshu-san, does your complex have enough space?” The Hokage asked changing the subject.

“It will be a little cozy, but I believe so.”

“Good. I will take care of all the necessary paperwork and send an escort for you when the exams to instate you are all prepared. Rin-san your rank will be reinstated as jounin, and we will put the girls in a genin squad under you. I will have to try and make some special arrangements for Ami and Usagi with the hospital staff. With that settled I’m sure Konshu and Naruto will be more than happy to show you the way so that you can rest, it has been a long day for all of us, I’m sure. Oh, and Usagi-san, please refrain from using that teleportation ability you demonstrated earlier. Rin-san can explain why.”

With that stated the group all stood and began to head towards the doorway, the girls and Rin concealing themselves once more under their cloaks.

“Naruto,” Kakashi spoke up the blonde pausing to look towards his sensei. “Use your week off to spend time with your sister and show them around Konoha.” And with that stated he too vanished.

Rin frowned at Kakashi’s fast exit then brought up the rear of the group as they all headed out after Naruto. Konshu stayed to the back of the group with her, Luna leaping to his shoulder to talk softly with them.


The trip through Konoha to Naruto’s apartment building was thankfully uneventful and the group all stopped just outside of the building as they took in its appearance. From the street it was plainly visible as a dump.

“This is where you both live?” Rin asked clearly shocked.

Naruto grinned. “Underneath the Underneath.”

Rin arched an eyebrow but refrained from any other comment, the girls following her lead.

Konshu smiled as well as he ushered them all into the building. Once the door was closed behind them, he spoke up. “The exterior appearance is a necessary disguise to provide Naruto with a safe home. If it did not resemble ‘a dump’ those who blamed Naruto for the attack and resent him for it would have vandalized the property regardless, as it is, the temptation to cause harm is reduced. There is also a very subtle genjutsu worked into the building to turn away those who do not live here or have ill will toward someone who does. It is in this manner that I have most served in protecting Naruto.”

Rin and the girls just nodded and took this information in stride. Naruto however seemed frozen in place not facing any of them. Usagi standing near him lifted her hand to his shoulder. “Naruto-kun?”

Her touch seemed to break him from his trance, and he turned and gave them all a bright smile. “I never thought about it, but he’s right about what people would do. I just always thought it was cool that on the inside it was nothing like the outside. Ne Konshu-san, which units are they going to be in?”

Konshu smiled, “I thought we would put your sister next door to you. There are two-bedroom units across the hall that should suit the other girls and a unit here on the first floor that I thought Rin-san might approve of. Luna has already informed me that she and Artemis will keep to their feline forms for the time being.”

No sooner had Konshu finished speaking then Naruto had grabbed his sister by the hand and started leading her up the stairs.

“Come on Usa, Let’s go check out your place!”

The other four girls looked back to Rin who simply shrugged. With no orders from their sensei the blonde-haired Venusian, Minako took lead.

“Well let’s go see our rooms then as well. We can’t let Usa have all the fun.”

The adults and guardians left behind smiled at the younger group and followed behind more sedately. By the time they had caught up it appeared that Naruto and Usagi had already done a survey of what would be her place and were busily conversing with the other girls over their rooms. It seemed it had even been determined who was rooming with who. Rin pulled out a scroll and crouching down to the floor activated it. In several small poofs additional scrolls appeared. The five girls quickly spilled out of the rooms to each grab one of the released scrolls. Before they could scatter once more Luna spoke up.

“Take a little time to settle your belongings. I know we don’t have much with us, but it will have to do for now. In twenty minutes, I want everyone to meet in the living room space in Usagi’s apartment. We have several things to deal with yet tonight.”

Konshu watched quietly from his seat against a wall in the living room area of Usagi’s apartment as the group began to settle in. From the types of belongings, he saw being removed from Usagi’s scroll, it was apparent that Rin had made sure they always had an emergency kit packed and yet it was also apparent that they had had little time to pack ‘extras. He also studied the girls themselves.

Usagi was no doubt Naruto’s sister. They shared the same bright blue eyes and from the looks of it her hair would match his in shade as well once it stopped shifting. He could even see some similarities in their mannerisms. Not large similarities but little things. She wore her hair in the traditional style of the white moon family with portions of it pulled up to crown her head with twin buns. From each bun a long streamer of hair fell flowing with her movements and miraculously not always getting in her way. He had half expected her to be in a gown under the cloak, but it seemed Rin-san had ingrained some lessons of practicality as she wore what would have likely passed as civilian garb on the moon.

Mizuno Ami, princess of Mercury, was the first of the other four girls to enter the living room. She smiled at him and nodded before taking a seat herself to await the others. He was briefly surprised when she produced a small blue compact of sorts from a hidden pocket and began typing on a key panel within. He smiled to himself realizing she had followed in her mother’s footsteps if this was any indication. Her hair was cut short compared to all the others as it fell in a styled bob just above her shoulders. Her eyes, while blue like Usagi and Naruto’s were several shades darker, and he could already tell a great deal of intelligence was hidden behind them.

Both Kino Makoto of Jupiter and Hino Rei of Mars entered together and sat down on either side of Ami. That Rei was a daughter of Mars was very clear to Konshu. Her raven black hair with dark violet highlights shining where the light highlighted it fell down to her hips and was a long-standing dominant trait in the Martian royal family. The fire sparking in her red-violet eyes also spoke volumes of her ties to the element and the planet that thrived off of it. Makoto was tall and steady, the nature of the forest and storm evident, and so Jupiter had marked its daughter in her wavy brown hair pulled up in a high ponytail and the emerald green of her eyes.

Aino Minako of Venus was the last of the girls to arrive and settle down and Konshu idly wondered how often she played the role of Usagi’s double or if she hadn’t in the past, she certainly could soon with how Usagi’s hair was darkening to a golden blonde. There was also a natural empathy about her and how she interacted with the others that was typical of those who called Venus home.

It didn’t take long once all four girls were settled for Luna to take control. “Artemis and I will be placing binding seals on your planetary powers.”

Her statement had an immediate impact as all five girls looked at each other nervously. Minako as the leader of Usagi’s guard spoke for them all. “Are you sure that is wise Luna? What if we get caught in a situation where without those abilities?” She didn’t need to finish her statement to impart its full meaning.

“We’ve taken that into consideration Minako. The binding seal we’ll be using will really only prevent you from unconsciously or instinctively drawing on those abilities. If there comes a point where you have no choice but to use those abilities, you will each be able to break the seal with conscious effort. It will have the added effect of hiding your planetary sigils in a way that no one will be able to detect them. However, this will not affect the more personal or bloodline gifts you have.”

The girls nodded in acceptance though it would be an odd and even humbling experience for them as the powers of their planets had been an instinctive part of them from the day they were born.

“The sealing will most likely take a bit out of all of you, and you will likely need to sleep it off for the remainder of today and tonight. Rin will go out with Konshu and Naruto tomorrow to secure you all more suitable attire as well as other things we will need while here. Now, who will go first?”

“I will Luna.” Usagi spoke.

“Usa…” Rei whispered a bit concerned.

“It’s all right Rei, I can’t ask you four to do this first.”

“Very well, Usagi-chan lay down please.” Luna then directed as she and Artemis then moved in to stand on either side of her head and then each placed a paw on her brow framing her crescent moon mark in the process. Usagi closed her eyes and relaxed. It took only moments as Luna and Artemis’s own crescent marks flared brightly and then they were done and removed their paws backing away.

Usagi blinked and then sat up and the others gasped as her hair lost the rest of its silvery hue until it matched Naruto’s blonde shade almost perfectly. The golden crescent moon that had up till now graced her brow had also vanished from sight.

“How do you feel Usagi?” Rin asked a little surprised, from what Luna had said the girl should be out for the count.

“A little lightheaded, but otherwise fine.” Usagi responded.

“A convenient side effect of her human heritage in this because I would imagine.” Konshu commented.

“Makes sense.” Rin stated.

“All right then, next?” Luna asked getting the group back on task.

Minako immediately moved forward and laid down where Usagi had been moments before while her fellow blonde moved to sit next to her twin.

In moments Luna and Artemis repeated the same process they had used on Usagi. This time however when they moved away Minako did not move on her own though she breathed steadily and like Usagi’s crescent, the Venusian sigil no longer was visible on Minako’s brow… “That is more what we expected. Konshu, could you take her to her room please? Luna asked.

Konshu nodded and smoothly lifted the unconscious girl into his arms and carried her out.

Rei grimaced a moment but then moved into place as the process continued with the rest of the girls all being unconscious after the binding was performed and Konshu carrying each girl to their respective rooms afterwards.

When Konshu returned after taking the last of the girls to their rooms he paused in the entryway of the living room and smiled softly as he observed Naruto talking to his sister their voices soft enough that he couldn’t hear what they were talking about clearly. That little fact made it evident that he was confident in his relationship with her and that there was trust running deep for Naruto was never ‘quiet’ with people save for those he had no hidden worries about how they felt about him. A rather large yawn interrupted Usagi in a reply to him and Konshu chose that moment to interrupt.

“Naruto, come have dinner with me. Usagi-san will need her sleep as well even if she did manage to stay awake through the sealing. You will have plenty of time tomorrow and after that to talk with each other.”

“Konshu is right Usagi-chan.” Luna chimed in. “It has been a long day for all of us and tiring yourself out more will not help any of us in the next few days.”

Usagi stuck her tongue out at Luna in response, but another ill-timed yawn spoiled the effect.

Rin chuckled. “All right Usagi-chan, to bed with you before we have to have Konshu carry you there as well.”

Usagi sighed then leaned over to give Naruto a tight hug, “Night niisan,” not noticing the stunned look on his face as she then scooped up Luna and headed back to her bedroom. “Don’t forget to lock my door on the way out!” She called back as she vanished from view.

Konshu chuckled as well, “Come on Naruto, I’ll make ramen.” Naruto moved quickly at that and followed him out the door leaving Rin and Artemis to lock up on their way out.

The pair were silent as they traveled through the hall and stairwell to Konshu’s unit on the first floor and Konshu let that silence remain for the time being. There were many things he would like to talk to Naruto about in regard to the day’s events, but he knew form long experience that it was best to let Naruto broach the topics first.

It wasn’t until Naruto had finished setting the table and pulling out the different ingredients needed while Konshu began the actual preparation that he spoke. “Konshu-san… you’ve always known about the fox, right?”

“I was there with you at the sealing doing what I could to make it easier on you Naruto.” Konshu replied glancing at the boy from the corner of his eye where he now sat at his small table in the kitchen. “You know yourself that I have never held what you hold against you Naruto and how I feel about the villagers that do.”

“Yeah…but you know… I stopped caring so much about what all the villagers thought after I found you and Iruka-sensei and Hokage-jiisan. Now there’s Kakashi-sensei to, but today I was scared… terrified that when Usagi found out about it I would lose my closest friend of all. I’ve always been afraid of losing her in one way or another…that’s why I never told you or anyone else. Then today when I saw her… more like felt her there at the Hokage’s Tower… I was afraid she’d be like the villagers when she found out… but she wasn’t. She… she just accepted it just like that and it didn’t change how she acted with me one bit. Her friends… they just took it in stride to. She’s told me about them all in the past and none of them acted any differently to me then how she had described them. I never realized how much having her know and her reaction was weighing on me in my mind… ever since I first found out about the fox, I had been afraid of telling her.”

Konshu smiled and struggled to keep his own emotions in check after this outpouring from Naruto. He paused in his preparations and crouched down beside Naruto, so he was eye level.

“You will never find a truer friend than your sister Naruto. Like you she touches the hearts of those around her. Don’t give me that skeptic look.” Konshu chuckled at the expression on Naruto’s face. “I’ve been watching over you for many years and I’ve seen you touch the hearts around you even if they try to deny it and only show dislike on the outside. You’ve reached them more than you realize, and I know when the day comes you will be an incredible Hokage. The village has no idea just what a gift they’ve been given in you, a child of the moon.”

Naruto smiled softly, though it was apparent he wasn’t buying into everything Konshu had just told him it still helped ease his heart. “I hope your right Konshu-san, though if this village ever does anything to hurt Usagi-chan…” Naruto didn’t finish his sentence, but he didn’t have to. Konshu understood.


“Well, Iruka, how did the girls do?” Sandaime asked of the Academy teacher as he sat behind his dusk his pipe in hand.

“Overall, they did very well. The only areas all of them were a little weak in was recent history and current shinobi events, but that is to be expected from what you told me about them being secluded from the shinobi countries in the last twelve years. Save for in that area Ami aced the test and none of the other girls really pulled a below average. Usagi seemed to struggle a bit in the mathematics and shinobi ethics portions, but still within acceptable marks.” Iruka answered and handed the pamphlet of tests to the Hokage.

“Very good, I will let Rin-san know to go ahead with her plans for the genin examination then. Once that is completed then I will make the last arrangements necessary to place Usagi and Ami as apprentice medic-nin as Rin advised.”

Iruka nodded as this all agreed with earlier discussions, he had had with the Hokage. One question nagged at him though, “It’s true then that Usagi is a blood relation of Naruto’s?”

Sandaime smiled around his pipe. “It is.”

Iruka smiled. “I’m glad. I can already tell she means much to him and to have her identity prove false would hurt him deeply.”

“There is no fear of that Iruka. They are twins of that there is no doubt though they separated on the day they were born. I’m sorry I can shed no further light on their situation then that however.”

“I understand Hokage-sama. Where are they all now?”

“Shopping. Rin and her charges arrived here with scarcely more than what they were carrying and none of the girls had full shinobi gear prior. They are remedying that situation now with Naruto playing guide. Though I believe Rin had plans to contact an old friend about proctoring the genin examination.”

“Ah, well very well then Hokage-sama. I have to continue preparations for the next session starting next week. If there is nothing else, you need me for?”

“You are excused Iruka, thank you again for the speedy preparation and evaluation on these exams.”

“No problem at all Hokage-sama.” And with that Iruka left the room to allow the Hokage to return to his paperwork and other meetings.


Rin let her mind drift in thought as she walked along the streets of Konoha. More specifically she let her mind drift back to childhood memories and her at one time best friend. She had never understood back then why they had drifted so far apart. By the time she had gone to the moon the pair of them had been guaranteed to pick full-fledged fights the minute they were in the same room. Looking back at it now, especially with what Sarutobi had told her after she had asked about her friend’s current status, she could see all to clearly what had happened. Mitarashi Anko, currently a special jounin and part of the interrogation division. Back then Anko had been the sole pupil of Orochimaru.

Anko had idolized Orochimaru as his student, he was one of the Sanin after all, one of three taught by Sandaime-sama himself. However, Orochimaru had hated Namikaze Minato for it had been Minato not Orochimaru that Sandaime had named as his successor. That Rin herself had been one of Minato’s students had made her just as hated in the snake sannin’s eyes. Orochimaru had thus taken a distinct dislike of the fact that his student was friends with one who was a student of Minato and that dislike had bled into Anko and unraveled their friendship.

At first it had just been both of them puppeting comments about the other’s sensei that they heard from their own. These comments lead to each of them defending their own sensei with unfailing loyalty until there was no kind words left between them. That Orochimaru had used and abused Anko saddened Rin greatly and she wished that she could have been here for her friend after Orochimaru abandoned her. However, it was not meant to be as she had been with Usagi, and she would not have abandoned that mission and would not abandon Usagi for anything. That didn’t mean that she couldn’t try to make things better between her and Anko now, and maybe her plan would help Anko as well.

Rin walked up the short path to the building complex that matched the address the Hokage had given her. Unlike the building in which Naruto and now she and the rest of the girls now resided this wasn’t a straightforward apartment complex. The building held what looked like four individual housing units on the front and back with two on each level. Each individual unit had its own entrance and from what she could tell there was no interior hallways with additional doors. She headed to the upstairs unit on the front right corner and then knocked on the door and waited. There was no noise from inside to tell her if her knock had been heard or not, so she knocked again a little more forcefully.

“All right already!” A voice shouted from inside. Rin smiled and waited. Soon enough she heard the turning of locks and the door pulled open to reveal a woman in her twenties with dark purple hair tied up in a spiky ponytail. She was dressed in an oversized t-shirt that hung off of one shoulder and a pair of shorts that looked like men’s boxers. The woman yawned at her and placed one hand on her hip and frowned at her. “What do you want?”

“Did I interrupt something Anko-chan?” Rin asked a soft smile gracing her lips.

Anko blinked and then started at her intensely. “Drop the henge. Whoever gave you that identity to use was a fool.”

“It’s not a henge Anko.” Rin answered softly and blinked fighting back the tears she felt building up.

“You were MIA the night of the Kyuubi attack and presumed dead. You can’t be who you appear to be…” Anko snapped back then her voice softened. “You weren’t here when the Kyuubi attacked were you…”

Rin shook her head no.

Anko gave her a weak smile and then stepped back and motioned for her to come in. “Welcome back Rin-chan, it’s been a long time.”

Rin smiled and entered, the two of them had much to talk about.


Naruto yawned from where he sat on a bench just outside a shinobi apparel and gear shop, the only one that he ever shopped at actually. Although that had much to do with the fact that none of the other shops would let him in their doors. If they did let him in, then they would overcharge him. They had been here for what felt like hours as the girls had dug through racks and piles of shinobi gear to find what suited them best.

Usagi had actually been the first and he liked her choice. It was a sleeveless Chinese cut dress top in black with navy blue accenting. It fit snug until a few inches below her waistline and from there it had slits on the sides running down the full length to where it hung a few inches above her ankles. Underneath went a pair of black slacks that were loose fit enough to allow plenty of movement but also not so loose as to get in the way. The next pieces to the ensemble were a pair of sleeves that were separate from the bodice that started at her upper arms and fell in a kimono sleeve cut to just past her wrists. The sleeves themselves were full of hidden little pockets that Usagi had told him were perfect for the types of things she’d need on hand as a medic nin. The final pieces had been standard shinobi style sandal boots and two lengths of black shinobi issue ribbon. He’d been somewhat surprised when she used the ribbon in her hair, starting each one at one of her buns and braiding the long tails that hung from each and finishing it buy looping each tail twice, so they hung on each side of her head at chin length. He had asked her why she did that and her smile had turned serious.

“Leaving it loose will only make it a target in a fight. It’s a lesson Rin-neesan grilled into all of us. If we were going to keep our hair long, then as shinobi we would also learn to bind it up so it would not work against us in a battle. This was my solution, and I can pin the braids in coils on the top of my head if I need to make it even more secure.” Then she had grinned at him, and her eyes sparked. “Plus, Rin-neesan promised to teach me how to turn my braids into a defense if we ever got the proper gear for it.”

Naruto had backed away a little at that suddenly recognizing the ‘scary girl’ vibe from his own sister that he often felt from his old classmates. He had quickly retreated outside after that noting that Ami had picked out something just like Usagi but in blue and white where Usagi’s was black and blue. The other three seemed to have found a style that suited them as well and had been finding identical sets in colors that suited each of them as he slipped out the door.

Naruto glanced up from his thoughts as Artemis appeared and leaped up on to the bench to sit beside him making sure in the process that the door was on the opposite side of Naruto as him.

“Something wrong?” Naruto asked the feline.

Artemis glanced around them a moment. “Minako found the nin companion section and I don’t want to know what she’d try to put on me.”

Naruto blinked and then chuckled. “It can’t be that bad.”

Artemis gave him a look that clearly stated, ‘you have no idea.’

Naruto shrugged and then stretched. He hoped the girls would be done soon. He wanted to take them to Ichiraku’s and introduce them to Teuchi and Ayame.

It was only a few minutes later when Usagi exited the shop with Luna perched on her shoulders. “Naruto! Let’s go!”

“Huh?” Naruto asked as she tugged on his hand to pull him up.

“Konshu-san said we could go on ahead to that ramen place you were talking about. He and the girls are going to stop by home to drop the stuff off and meet us there but since I was done already, he said we could go ahead, and Luna agreed.”

Naruto blinked and then his stomach growled. “Ramen time! Yeah!” And with that said he took off all but dragging Usagi behind him.

A little way down the street a small, figured standing just inside an alley watched them an expression of shock filling her lavender eyes.


Minako hummed to herself as she walked along with Makoto, Rei, Ami and Konshu to the ramen stand Naruto had been so excited about. She was glad that all of them were finally getting this chance to truly work at the skills Rin had been teaching them ever since they first became part of Usagi’s court. Not that she wished that the circumstances behind their coming hadn’t been better, at this point all they could do was live on, train and await the day that Usagi was ready to take back her home. That the day would come Minako had no doubts but in the meantime, she would take full advantage of the opportunities put in front of them.

It was then, just as they turned the corner and could see the ramen shop ahead that she sensed it. She bit her lip a moment trying to decide if she should act on it or ignore it, however then she spotted just who she was sensing the wave of emotions from. That decided it.

“Ne Konshu-san, everyone I just realized I forgot something back at the apartment. I’ll go get it and be right back.”

The others all stopped and looked at her in confusion. Minako met Rei’s gaze levelly and then winked at her and blew her a kiss.

Rei sighed. “Come on, you know how she gets. Trust me Konshu-san for her this is normal.” Konshu seemed to study Minako intently a moment then nodded.

“Very well, try to stay out of trouble Minako.”

Minako just grinned and then turned and skipped off as the others continued on their way. She turned around the corner and continued around the block looking for a way to slip into the alleyway her target had also been lurking in. She sometimes wondered if her mother had felt these calls like she did. Was it part of her heritage or was it just a unique ability of her own? She had known that she was somewhat of an empath ever since she had first played matchmaker and mended the broken hearts of a few servants at the Moon Kingdom Palace when she was young. Those were the first emotions she had been able to feel and detect; love and heartbreak. As she got older, she began to be able to sense and recognize other emotions. She seemed particularly sensitive to those when there was something she could do to help those hurting. Love and heartbreak however, seemed to call to her the most.

Spotting the alley, she was looking for, she grinned and then moved quietly until she stood just behind the slightly shorter girl who was the source of the call she had felt. Now to figure out just who her heart is crying about, she thought to herself and carefully looked out of the alley in the same direction the girl was. What she spotted made her blink in a little surprise for the girl was watching Naruto and Usagi at the Ramen stand. The two blondes in question were chatting away as they ate and even if she hadn’t already known she would have been able to tell that the two blondes were close. So, this girl likes Naruto-kun… likes him enough that if he ever noticed it a real and true bond could form. Poor girl, she must think there is something between him and Usagi. Well, it is my duty as a daughter of Venus to clear up that misunderstanding and to try and help things along at least a little bit.

“You know; you could just go up and say hello. I’m sure he’d introduce you.”

The girl squeaked and whirled around to face her. Pale lavender eyes stared at her in wide eyed shock and a blush was quickly turning her cheeks rather pink. “I… I…

“Hi, I’m Minako, pleasure to meet you…”

The girl seemed to take a deep breath and gathered herself. “Hinata…It’s a pleasure to meet you Minako-san…”

“Wonderful! Now that introductions are made how about lunch.” Without waiting for a response Minako grabbed the girl’s hand and dragged her across the street and up to the Ramen stand with her.

“Naruto-kun! Look who I just met. I think she knows you!”

Hinata gasped and tried to pull away in almost a panic. Who did this girl think she was! She couldn’t just walk up to them like that! But by that point the blonde boy in question along with the girl who was sitting with him turned to look.

“Hinata! Long time no sees! Come join us for lunch!”

Hinata froze. “I… I…”

The blonde-haired girl sitting next to Naruto nudged him. Naruto turned to her rubbing his side with a frown and then rubbed the back of his head as the girl whispered something to him quickly. “I’m sorry Hinata…”

Hinata bowed quickly so she wouldn’t have to meet his gaze. “I…it’s all r… right, s…sorry to in…intrude. I’ll g…go now.”

“Don’t go! I want to introduce you!”

Hinata looked up surprised. He didn’t want her to leave.

“Hinata I’d like you to meet my best friend and my twin sister, Usagi.”

Hinata’s brain seemed to freeze at the words best friend as her heart clenched then the following words filtered through her panicking mind ‘twin sister.’ “Si…sister?

Naruto grinned. “Yeah! She just arrived in Konoha yesterday.”

Hinata took a deep breath as all the worry since she’d first seen them together at the shinobi apparel shop washed away.

“Aren’t you going to introduce the rest of us Whiskers?” A girl dressed in shinobi gear almost identical to that of the blonde girl Minako’s spoke up, though this girl had raven black hair tied back in a tight bind just below her shoulders with another two feet or so hanging in a tail from it.

“Don’t call me that!” Naruto shouted back. The raven-haired girl just smirked and then turned back to Hinata.

“I’m Rei, I see you’ve met our other blonde Minako.”

Hinata only nodded not recovered enough from her shock to do much more. Another girl also dressed very much like Minako and Rei but with chestnut brown hair pulled up in a ponytail came up to her from behind Rei. “I’m Makoto, nice to meet you Hinata, oh and don’t forget Ami, she’s the blue-haired one over there.” The girl told her and gestured to a girl dressed much like Usagi was and as Makoto had said with blue hair in a styled cut just above her shoulders.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Hinata-san, won’t you join us for lunch? Naruto-kun was telling us about Konoha. Perhaps you can tell us some as well?” Ami said a gentle smile across her lips.

“I… I …. w…would like that.” Hinata finally managed to respond a small smile gracing her face as she found herself pulled into the chatting group and slowly lost her nervousness as the girls coaxed her into conversations and teased Naruto almost mercilessly.

“Excuse me Usagi-san, but may I ask where you have been living up till now? I thought Naruto-kun’s parents died twelve years ago.” Hinata asked after a while, her curiosity at where this long-lost relative had come from, and a bit concerned why they showed up now. It wasn’t entirely polite, but she had watched Naruto struggle alone for a long time.

Naruto glanced at Usagi nervously as everyone quieted down and waited for her to answer Hinata’s question.

“With our mother and Rin-neesan in another country, our home was attacked not that long ago, and we were forced to flee. My mother had made Rin-neesan promise to bring us here to my father in the event that she was lost…” Usagi clenched her fists at her sides pausing here.

Hinata gasped softly.

“Usa…” Naruto whispered, but Usagi shook her head and then raised her head to face Hinata once more.

“I didn’t know that our father was already dead until we got here. If our mother had known, Naruto would not have been left here alone.”

“But why would they have separated you two to begin with…” Hinata asked.

“I don’t know all the specific details to share with you Hinata-san, but something prevented our parents from actually staying together when we were born. So, they split us up so that each of our parents would have at least one of us with them. I would carry my mother’s lineage while Naruto would carry our father’s.”

Hinata nodded in acceptance with that answer. “I’m sorry if my asking troubled you Usagi-san and I’m glad Naruto-kun finally has family here with him.”

Usagi met Naruto’s blue gaze with her own and turned back to Hinata with a grin. “Me to.”

“All right, as much as I hate to break this up, Usagi and the girls do need to get back to the Hokage tower for the results of your exam this morning.” Konshu spoke up and stood after paying the bill.

“You are going to be shinobi?” Hinata asked as she rose to her feet with the rest.

“Of course!” Minako chimed in brightly.

“Rin-san has trained the five of us so even though we didn’t attend the academy here we meet the genin requirements in skill and ability.” Ami explained.

“Although Usagi and Ami are going to aim for med-nin apprenticeships right away while Minako, Rei and myself hope to be approved as a squad.” Makoto explained.

“Med-nins, really? Hinata asked surprised.

“Yeah, I really like it and Rin-neesan said I had real potential in that area.” Usagi added.

“Not to interrupt you girls, but we do need to be heading back to the tower.” Konshu spoke up. “You should come visit the girls at our building sometime Hinata-san.”

Hinata smiled softly. “I would like that very much Konshu-san.”

“We’ll see you later then Hinata-san!” Usagi called out and waved as they started to head out the other girls also waving.

“Later Hinata-chan!” Naruto called back following after the group.

Hinata waved back to them and then turned to head off on her own way as she needed to meet her team soon as well.

Chapter 2

Anko smirked as the three snakes finished coating their fangs from the shallow container, she held for them and then slithered into the two apartment units. Her potential students were about to get a very rude awakening. ‘Five- four – three – two – one’

Screams erupted quickly followed by curses and the sense of her summons vanishing. Her smirk spread into a grin as she then rose to her feet and placed one hand on her hip. “Rise and Shine Ladies!”

Seconds after she spoke the doors were pulled open and three heads quickly poked out and glared at her a fourth following a bit more slowly. Anko tossed the container to the blue haired girl who had been last to peek out.

“Blue, analyze that and find an antidote or the rest of these girls are going to be in a world of pain in a few hours. Rin will meet you in front of the hospital to oversee your work.” The blue haired girl’s eyes opened wide in shock but then she vanished back into the room. Anko turned her attention to the other three. “You three excuses for genin gear up and follow me.”

There was some muttered grumbling as the three turned to head back into their rooms to get ready. Anko’s smirk returned, “Oh… and I wouldn’t waste time. Drag your feet and I won’t be able to guarantee the return of the twin blonde energy bombs in the same health they left here.”

There was dead silence for all of three seconds before a mad scurry of movement was heard from the rooms. Anko chuckled and then headed down the hallway whistling happily to herself. Giving this group the test and wakeup call as Rin had suggested was going to be fun. ‘Although, I wasn’t kidding about the state of the two blondes, maybe calling in that favor from Ibiki was a bit much… Nah they have to widen up and it might as well be sooner.’


Konshu calmly made tea as he kept an ear turned towards Luna and Artemis. Both of the guardians were beyond anxious about their charges and neither had been happy when told to not interfere. He’d quickly suggested they stay with him while they waited out the results of the girls’ exams. He knew this would take some time, but he would have to explain things to the others. Their roles had changed the moment they left the Moon, but he doubted they’d quite realized it yet, it had taken him some time to adjust this world himself after all.

Konshu had been living in the world of Shinobi for over twelve years now. Before that he had been one of the most trusted generals of the Lunarian court. This had included in depth knowledge of tactics and various methods of combat. He had in fact trained himself both in and out of his feline form, a feat that was very rare for the people of Mau. Most of the feline shape shifters felt more at home in their feline forms and found the change into the human form difficult. To maintain that form for any length of time was even more of a challenge. So, the fact that he was found more often in humanoid form rather than his feline one had said a lot about his strength. This was in part what had led to his summons by Queen Selenity.

He had been surprised, honored and curious by the summons as it had been issued as a personal request and not as any official capacity. He had been ever more surprised by her request.

“General Konshu, you know I am expecting?” Selenity had asked as she offered him a cup of tea.

“Of course, my queen, it is the most favored topic of gossip in the kingdom currently.” Konshu had replied accepting the tea.

“So, I have heard.” She answered a soft smile on her lips. “As well as much discussion about who the father is. However, what no one even suspects are that I am not expecting just one, but two.”

“Two?” Konshu asked surprised.

“Twins in fact… a girl and a boy.” Selenity responded.

Konshu was stunned, that the queen was expecting twins was unprecedented in the Lunarian royal line. For one of them to be male… “a boy… there has never been a male born of the Lunarian royal line.”

“You are correct. He will sadly, remain unknown to the Moon Kingdom and all of the Silver Alliance. He will be going to live and be raised by his father while his sister will be stay here as my heir.” She offered in explanation.

Konshu was stunned but confused as to why she was telling him if it was to remain such a secret. “I do not understand my Lady, why are you telling me…”

“If I plan to keep my son secret and hidden?” The queen spoke voicing his own question. “Because even though I will have no direct hand in the raising of my son, I do not wish him to be completely ignorant of his heritage. The world his father comes from, and he will be living is violent and full of risk. I wish to offer what protection to him that I can and give him the chance to learn something of his mother’s people.”

Konshu’s mind raced. “You want me to be that source of protection and knowledge.”

Selenity gave him a soft, gentle smile once more. “That is correct. It would not be without great risk to yourself, and it would mean leaving all ties you have here behind for a very long time, possibly permanently.”

“Permanently?” He asked finding himself shocked once more, would the queen never see her son after he was born?

“You are aware General Konshu, of the Shadows that even now are growing and what that means for a world not prepared for such a war we would face. Any contact and interaction between the home of my children’s father and the Moon would lead our enemies straight to them and I would have no choice but to try to guard it. This would leave us spread much too thin in our defenses and we would surely fall as would their father’s home. So, to protect us all, all bonds will have to be cut until such a time as the Shadows no longer are a threat.”

Konshu considered her words for long moments and found them all to be true. To make such a commitment. Yet the queen herself was willing to do so. “I would gladly serve you in this capacity my queen.”

The queen smiled sadly again at him, crystalline tears forming in her eyes. “Thank you Konshu, I had hoped you would accept as I felt no other would be as suited. I owe you a great debt for this service.”

“No, my queen, it is an honor.” Konshu stated and then smiled as he stood and bowed before her. “I shall start setting my affairs in order.”

Konshu had accepted the request of his queen and he had not once regretted it. It had been hard at first, especially as he waited for the Queen to actually give birth as he had to keep his knowledge to himself. He had met the man who had in fact married his Queen, another well-kept secret, and the father of her children. He had met the young woman the Yondaime had chosen to serve in a similar roll for his daughter that he Konshu would serve for his son. And he had guarded the young Lunarian prince as his father sealed a demon in him to save their home.

After that Konshu had found himself relearning almost everything the first few years he spent in Konoha. He had found a need to recondition his body to the different gravitational pull-on Earth compared to the Moon. He had found, in the world of shinobi his previous methods of combat would leave him wide open to attack and exposure. So, he had adapted. He learned the basics of chakra and then practiced control. He did this in both his forms, unwilling to limit himself to one. He learned basic taijutsu, ninjutsu, and even genjutsu. He even went ahead and picked up the most basic of fujinjutsu, the art of sealing.

Then, at about the same time he became Naruto’s landlord, he officially enrolled in the Konoha Shinobi Auxiliary Corps. This gave him a purpose in the village and allowed him to learn more about the people that lived there and of the shinobi world they lived in. He had been surprised then to find that the Auxiliary Corps did not have any standardized or required training. To enter one simply had to display at least a genin’s level of skill and were expected to serve in times of invasion or war. Konshu couldn’t let the matter slide, even a backup force needed to maintain conditioning and basic skills to be useful. But no such group training schedules were offered. How would these forces work together if they didn’t even know who their comrades were? For of all the shinobi ranks, as he understood it, the Auxiliary Corps were most like soldiers. They would not have the required skills and discipline, save for a few older shinobi who were on the list but had retired from more active shinobi duty.

Konshu had taken his concerns to the Hokage, and the Hokage had listened. From that point on he was not only Naruto’s landlord, but a coordinator of the Auxiliary Corps. He organized and led group training sessions several times a week. All members of the Auxiliary Corps were required to attend at least three a week in order to remain on the auxiliary lists and payroll. This had been an eye-opener for several who had truly let their training slide. Konshu had also started offering a basic tactics and strategy course once a week in which he focused on both small and larger teamwork problems and what methods could be used. He also covered methods of logistics and sabotage. This had led to the creation of a very, very large network of traps being built within the village and outside its perimeter. They had called on several jounin who had varying levels of fujinjutsu mastery to create a linked network for these traps that would leave them inactive unless activated by a primary command seal by the Hokage.

He supposed it may have been his own studies in traps and notes on where they might be setup within the village that had inspired some of Naruto’s pranks. Teaching Naruto was not his biggest concern at the moment though. Now he would need to convince Artemis and Luna to both begin training in their feline forms at least, and he hoped to at least strengthen their shifting ability as well.


Anko waited in silence at her selected training ground for the three genin hopefuls. This was her jounin issued genin exam; the final test to see if they would make it or break it. They would take a little bit of time as she had no doubt that they would inspect the rooms of Usagi and Uzumaki Naruto to confirm her cryptic statement about them. Rin had given her a lot of background on this group and just what they were to each other already. Rin had also made it clear that she felt that Anko was best suited for overlooking these particular three.

They had been both nobility and warriors almost all of their young lives, but that duty had been centered around one— their princess. While that would always be true, they had to learn quickly that it could not be the only thing anymore. The shinobi world was cruel, brutal, and would not give them any breaks in regard to their previous duty. If they really wanted to keep their princess safe in this world, then they would have to learn to work with it and not make themselves targets. That lesson would start now with the taking away of what they were to protect and the additional lesson that their princess would now have to be trusted to protect herself as well. So far, they had all failed miserably.

This little team test had started the moment she had and Ibiki had broken into their apartment building. Their first targets had been the twins, and once they were carted off with Ibiki to be dealt with on their own she had sent her summon snakes to give the girls a very real and shocking wake up. Not one of the targets had sensed their danger before the strike not even Naruto. She’d have to give Kakashi grief on that one later.

Anko had outlined this plan to Rin who had grudgingly agreed to it with the inclusion of the analysis assignment for the blue haired girl, Mizuno Ami. The other three girls would then have to face the rest of Anko’s task while the paralytic poison she’d had the snakes hit them with slowed them down the longer time went on.

It was at about this time that the three girls came jogging into the training field where Anko waited, and she took the time now to inspect their gear choices. All three girls were wearing identical cut outfits that consisted of a snug sleeveless top that fastened up around their necks in a collar. Below the tops were snug fitting shorts that came down to just above their knees. Over this around their waists a skirt about the same length as their shorts hung, though the skirt was cut with a wide section in the front missing and a slit in the back so that it did not hinder movement. Chain mesh sleeves of varying cut and fit covered their arms while standard shinobi sandals covered their feet. The distinguishing factors of the three girl’s outfits were in fact in the colors of the outfits and the manner in which they wore their hair and forehead protectors.

The one leading the trio seemed to be Aino Minako whose outfit was in shades of brown and rust. Her long bright blonde hair was bound into a long braid with her forehead protector in the more typical placement on her forehead under her bangs. Following behind her closely was Hino Rei who had gone for colors of a red so dark it was nearly black, and black itself. Her forehead protector was tied so it hung around her neck and rested on her collar bone while her hair was tied back in a warrior’s tail starting just below her shoulders with the tail of it hanging to her waist. The last of the trio was Kino Makoto and the tallest of the three in shades of dark green. Her forehead protector rested on her left upper arm and unlike the other two her hairstyle appeared to match what Rin had described to her as normal.

‘Well, they do appear to have a uniform look but that matches with what Rin suspected they’d chose based off the senshi fuku’s they apparently used before and at least the long-haired ones had the sense to not leave it loose.’ Anko waited for them to reach her before speaking. “All right brats, tell me what you’ve already learned.”

The three glanced at each other no hint of humor and all seriousness showing there.

Rei spoke up her mood evident in her tone of voice, “Besides our failed security, that Usagi and Naruto were taken without struggle and most likely were asleep at the time of abduction. Nothing else in their apartments was touched so it was them that were the targets and nothing that may have been in their possession.”

“We know that you have successfully infected us with the substance Ami is now analyzing and that its effects are not immediate but will likely progress in a matter of hours and that you yourself must hold a summoning contract with snakes.” Minako added after her.

Anko nodded, “What about you Green, anything to add to that?”

“You had assistance in the abduction of Usagi and Naruto. There was a second set of tracks in both the apartments that are bigger than yours.”

Anko grinned. “Well, I’m not completely disappointed, but this little test isn’t over yet.”

“Test?” Rei asked in surprise.

“That’s right Red, a test. Every hopeful Genin must pass a test issued by their potential jounin sensei to officially be accepted as genin. You lot got the shitty end of the deal with me assigned to it. Now for the next part of this little game…”

“What about Usagi!” Minako interrupted anger burning in her blue eyes.

“She is none of your concern at this time Goldie.” Anko replied back flatly. All three girls seemed taken aback.

“I’m sorry but we won’t play your game while Usagi’s at risk.” Makoto spoke up her hand resting on Minako’s shoulder to calm the girl.

“You have no choice.” Anko snapped. “Listen and listen well. I know very well what she is to you, and I even have a very good idea just what you are thinking. Well forget it. You want to be shinobi here now? Then you better learn quickly that dropping everything for one other genin brat is out of the question. You will have to learn to let that little princess of yours look after and protect herself and if she can’t then she has no claim to being a shinobi of this village.”

The three stood firm and meet her gaze head on.

“Very well—Sensei, what is next in this little game?” Rei asked her voice laced with sarcasm.

Anko grinned; maybe these three would be fun after all.


Naruto groaned as he sat up and rubbed his eyes.

“So, the tailless wonder awakes.” A large voice spoke in a tone full of mockery.

Naruto looked up around him, and then over his shoulder as he took in the large room, he was in. It looked like some underground bunker room with piping running over the walls and corridors leading out from it into darkness. However, it was what occupied the wall directly behind him however that held his attention. Metal bars ran from floor to ceiling to form a large gate. The gate was closed and in place of a lock was a piece of paper with the inscription ‘seal’ on it. Behind the gate however was fur. Lots of red orange fur that framed two glowing red eyes, and then the creature grinned showing off pearl white and very sharp teeth.

“You—” Naruto growled out.

“Yes, me.” The fox answered.


“Thank you!” Minako called out as she and the other two girls quickly exited the academy building before opening the scroll they had retrieved from the secretary in the main office. This was the fourth such scroll they had recovered so far on this time sensitive scavenger hunt the woman Anko had put them on and so far, they had been making each target within the time frame without too much trouble and realized they were learning more about the layout of Konoha in the process.

Unfortunately, there were also starting to feel whatever it was the snakes had injected into them with their wake-up call. “All right, next one looks to be in the clan compounds district, we’re looking for a specific clan symbol.” Makoto explained after opening and scanning the scrolls contents. She showed the other two the symbol printed within and then all three set out at a steady walk, running would only cause their muscles to seize up, something they had already had a near close call with.

“I hope Ami-chan finds that antidote soon or we will really start to have trouble.” Minako muttered, the others just nodded but said nothing more focusing more on moving forward.

It wasn’t long before they were in the district that housed the majority of the clan compounds and were scanning each one that they passed for they symbol outlined in the scroll. It wasn’t until they reached a more deserted and neglected looking area that they found a match for the symbol.

“This is definitely the area, now we just need to find the scroll.” Makoto stated as each of them began to scan any bins, boxes, ledges, or other such similar places the scroll could have been stashed along the wall.

“Just what do you think you are doing!” a boy’s voice snarled at the girls.

All three girls turned to look up at the boy now crouched on the wall above them. He appeared to be about their age dressed in a blue top and white shorts with shinobi gear and a forehead protector. His hair was black and styled short with the back of it flipped up in what resembled a duck’s tail. Dark eyes glared at them from between two long pieces of black hair that hung framing the boy’s face.

Rei motioned for the other two to continue and met the stare head on. “Looking for a scroll, what does it look like we’re doing?”

“This is private property. Get Lost.” He sniped back at her.

“Well excuse us, but we can’t leave without the scroll.” Rei snapped back her hands now braced on her hips and going into full face off mode.

The boy narrowed his eyes at her as they flashed red. “I said Leave.” He stated again clipping each of his words.

“And I said No!” Rei said back clipping her own words in like fashion.

“Found it!” Minako called out.

Rei smirked not breaking her staring contest with the boy. “Well now that we have that, see yah later Ducky!” with that statement she turned on her heel and headed after the other two girls who were already starting to move off down the road.


Usagi groaned as she opened her eyes and move to sit up feeling unusually groggy, almost as if something was trying to keep her from waking. Then she noticed her surroundings and whatever bits of sleep that had been holding her back vanished as she took in the dark and dreary corridor. Shallow puddles dotted the floor here and there and pipes of varying size ran along the wall and ceiling. Behind her, the corridor was dark and poorly lit, ahead of her, a faint red light seemed to glow, and it was in that direction that she sensed Naruto. Climbing to her feet she began to move through the corridor in search of her twin.


Ami moved quickly and efficiently through the lab area that she had been given to work in as she worked on the task that had been given to her. Rin had explained upon her arrival at the hospital that the woman Mitarashi Anko was their potential ‘team’ sensei if they passed her test though herself and Usagi would still be more under Rin’s supervision while the other three fell in under Anko. However, Rin had also explained that whatever substance Anko had used it was likely to be real and not a fake to just simulate the test and so far, her tests had proven that.

She had already identified the substance in the container as a paralytic type of poison. One that would slowly spread through the system of whoever was infected before its effects actually surfaced. Once the effects started to surface muscles would seize up the more strain that were put on them until the point that the infected person was completely immobile. Ami was nearly done now with mixing the antidote and once she did a quick test of it, she would be on her way to seek the other girls, give them the antidote and then help them complete whatever task they were on. Rin had assured her that they would have no hope of finding Usagi and Naruto until they completed whatever task it was Anko had set them. Until that time she as well as the rest of the girls would just have to trust Usagi and Naruto to take care of themselves.


Naruto glared at the fox as they faced off with each other. At the moment the strings of insults they had been throwing at one another had ceased, though he was sure it would pick up again shortly. At first, he’d been a bit intimidated by the fox and had flung back insults in an instinctive defense. Then the stupid fox has rammed its nose into the cage bars bouncing back off of them with a yelp. Seeing the Kyuubi lunge at him and hurt himself in the process had pretty much killed whatever intimidation factor the fox had. Here the fox could do nothing but bark at him. It was after that realization that Naruto had started to barb the fox to quit being such a pain in the ass and start ‘paying rent’ as he put it. After all, a dead Naruto equaled a dead Kyuubi. If the fox didn’t want to die, he would be better off working with him then against him. Unfortunately, the fox seemed to have an ego bigger than anyone else he knew.

It was about then that he sensed Usagi and turned just in time to see her enter the large room from a dark corridor. “Usagi-neechan! What are you doing here?”

“Naruto-niichan—I don’t know. I woke up in the corridor and sensed you this way, so I came.” She answered as she quickly came up to stand with him. “Where are we?” Usagi asked.

“Pretty sure we are in my mind. It’s the only good reason for that fuzzball to be here to.” Naruto answered and then motioned towards the large, sealed gates behind him. He turned with her as she shifted her attention to what else was in the room. However, it was quite a shock as he took in the expression on the fox’s face. “Oi Furface! What’s with that look?”

The Fox did not answer though the shock faded and instead he seemed to stare at Usagi intently.

“What are you staring at!” Usagi finally snapped at him, a bit unnerved by the look the fox was giving her.

The fox’s form suddenly seemed to shrink as he moved to sit with his tails curling up around his feet neatly. Instead of dwarfing the gate he sat behind he now came to about the same height as the twins while he sat. “You are a daughter of the moon.” The fox finally spoke, his voice somewhat awed and the arrogance that had filled it gone.

Both Usagi and Naruto blinked in surprise as it was nothing like what they had been expecting. “You know of the Moon Kingdom?” Usagi asked.

“Careful Usa-chan, don’t trust anything he says.” Naruto warned while wondering just what the fox was up to.

The fox ignored Naruto’s warning and kept his attention on Usagi. “Yes, I know of the great kingdom of the moon; for it was Queen Selene of that kingdom that sent me to this planet.”

Usagi gasped.

Naruto frowned. “Who is Selene? I thought you said our mom’s name was Selenity?”

Usagi turned to Naruto. “Selene would have been Selenity’s mother, in other words our grandmother.” She answered.

“But how would the fox know…”

“Because I am a creature of the Moon boy!” the fox snapped getting irritated as they seemed to ignore him.

Usagi turned her full attention back on the fox and glared at him. “And as a creature of the Moon you should show your prince some respect!” she snapped back at him. “You are right I am a daughter of the Moon; I am Princess Serenity daughter of Queen Selenity and heir. Naruto is my twin brother and therefore Prince and if what you say is true you owe him a great deal.”

The fox laid his ears back and seemed to shrink a little smaller in stature. “…you are correct. Forgive me it has been over a millennium since I have had any contact with the people of the Moon.”

Naruto stared in shock. Not even ten minutes ago he would never have dreamed the fox would ever be anything even near humble and now he was all most tripping over himself in comparison. Then he frowned as he considered what had been said. “If you are a creature of the Moon then how and why did you end up a demon on Earth?”

The fox let out a long sigh. “I, along with eight others were tasked to be guardians of this planet while Gaia was too young and unable to guard herself.”

“Guardians? Gaia? I don’t get it.” Naruto stated.

Usagi laid a hand on Naruto’s arm catching his attention. “It’s like I mentioned before Naruto. Earth is the youngest planet to come into life in our solar system, and the Moon has been watching over and guarding it since nearly the beginning. Gaia is one of the names given to the spirit of the Earth. When a planet is so young it is an easy target for forces of evil and chaos. I remember learning about this in our history though. The moon sent a guardian along with one from each of the other eight planets tied to it to guard the Earth until she was strong enough to guard herself—but something went wrong, and we lost all contact with the guardians.” Usagi explained turning back to the Kyuubi as she finished saying what she knew.

The Kyuubi seemed to hang his head in shame. “Corruption was starting to find small footholds on Earth despite our movements to remove them. Soon that force shifted its focus to dealing with the guardians. Somehow, they learned that to strike through me would then cause a chain into the others as I was linked to the moon and all the others to the moon through me. A cult of dark sorcerers used a spell fueled by blood sacrifice, hatred, pain, and many other dark things to ensnare and bind the nine of us. This was the dawn of a dark time as the creature known as the Juubi came into being and caused destruction and pain wherever it went. The only good thing about our ensnarement was that those who ensnared us had no control over what they had created.”

“So, what happened?” Naruto asked.

“The millennium sage…” Usagi whispered softly.

The Kyuubi nodded. “I do not know who this millennium sage is, but it was after several centuries that a man known as the Sage of Six Paths became known among the elemental nations. He managed to break the spell that held us bound into the form of the Juubi and in doing so gave us back our identities. However, he did not have the skill to undo the damage that had already been done. We had all been tainted and driven mad. We raged, and so we had to be contained. It was then that the practice of sealing each of the nine into vessels was adopted. None of us have roamed long without being sealed into a new vessel, as the corruption has driven us to anger and hate as soon as we had our freedom.”

“You are very lucky you know.” Usagi said addressing the fox.

The fox looked up at her in surprise.

“Had you been sealed inside anyone other than Naruto now, you would still be that demon. You’ve noticed it, haven’t you? Since you’ve been sealed you’ve been slowly regaining yourself.” She stated.

“Usa—what do you mean?” Naruto asked.

“You are a prince of the Moon Naruto. Whether you knew it or not it’s in your blood and as such you have the ability to purge that evil. It is something of a natural talent of our people, and of the royal family in particular. Through being bound to you Kyuubi can be redeemed and through him the other former guardians as well.” here she grinned, “Even for one of our family I’ve been told that healing those lost is my particular gift.”

“Spirit healer…” Kyuubi whispered.

Usagi nodded. “And Naruto as my twin, it is likely that you share that gift with me in at least part.”

“So, you are saying we could heal the Kyuubi from whatever evil it was that he got infected with?” Naruto asked and received a nod in reply.

“It would take some time but once we begin the process it will continue on its own as long as Kyuubi wishes it.” Usagi explained.

Naruto looked back and forth between her and the fox behind its seal. “Are you sure? I mean he could be just telling us all this to try and make a way for him to get out.”

Usagi shook her head. “He can’t get out Naruto. He’s bound to you now. For him to get out would mean your death and his in turn. He’s stuck with you whether he is healed or not, but in healing him his energy would no longer be able to harm you in any way.”

“She means Boy that I would be able to ‘pay rent’ as you put it earlier without any of the darker side effects that as it is now you would experience.” The fox added in.

“You mean like that overwhelming anger I felt back in that fight on the bridge in Wave country?” Naruto asked.

“Yes.” The fox answered.

“All right then, let’s do it!”

“Not right now.” Usagi said and bit her lower lip. “We should talk to Luna and the others about it and probably make sure that we are shielded at the time in case we attract attention. A healing of this scale could lead our enemies directly to us.” Usagi explained.

The fox nodded. “Very well, I will look forward to our next visit then. You two should wake up now though, something is going on that you may need to deal with.”

With that said both Naruto and Usagi suddenly found themselves blinking awake in a room that was neither of their apartments. In fact, it looked like a cell.


Minako winced as a muscle in her side began to twinge and spasm. It seemed the poison that was in their systems was starting to take more effect. She looked to her side to see Rei walking with a very slight limp on her left side. A muttered curse from Makoto on her other side revealed that the other two were definitely starting to feel it as well and yet there was no real sign that their scroll hunt was going to be over soon. The current target was a shop that specialized in dango and teas. They were to pick up a package there that would have their next objective with it. Unfortunately, ever since the pickup in the clan district, they had been tailed by the boy who had found them poking around the walls of what had been his home. If they hadn’t been so focused on moving forward and fighting off the poison’s effects on them Minako would have teased Rei about having a fanboy.

“There’s the shop,” Makoto said quietly and Minako spotted it just ahead on the right-hand side of the street.

“All right let’s get this done with.” Minako answered after noting the location. ‘I hope Ami finds us with that antidote soon.’


It had been an hour already since Ami had confirmed that her antidote would neutralize the poison that her friends and teammates had been infected with. It had taken almost another twenty minutes after that to produce enough of it for all three of them. She had been told by Rin-sensei where to find Anko-sensei but not the girls. She had found the somewhat crazy woman lazily lounging around in a training field with no sign of the girls nearby. When she had asked where they were, the purple haired woman had just given her a sadistic grin and said track them.

Ami had set out with that task in mind but had lost the trail when they traveled through the market what appeared to be a fifth time and by now there had been so much other traffic that the trail was gone. Her mind raced as she tried to figure out the most efficient and quickest way to find her friends if she didn’t, they would likely end up paralyzed in a heap somewhere and in even greater danger. ‘Calm down Ami’ she told herself, ‘This is no different than having to find Minako and Usagi when they slipped all the guards and escaped into the city outside the palace. We all share a bond… and that bond is not solely tied to our planet’s powers…there!’ With her mind locked onto that little beacon she began move on with purpose.


“What about that tele-flash thing you did when you first found me on the Hokage monument?” Naruto asked.

Usagi shook her head in the negative. “I was only able to do that because I traced you and already knew the Hokage’s office which wasn’t sealed. This place is sealed. I might be able to flash out to you if you weren’t here with me, but this place is sealed pretty tight.”

Naruto frowned. They had very little with them in terms of tools or gear. Whoever had taken them hadn’t bothered to grab any of their gear or if they had, it wasn’t in the cell with them. Naruto studied the door to the room they were in and peeked out the keyhole but saw nothing as before. “Too bad we can’t use chakra to pick the lock.” Naruto mumbled.

Usagi perked up and then reached up to her hair which was still held up in buns though the long tails of hair hung down in braids rather than being looped up out of the way. “Would this help?” Usagi asked as she offered him one of the pins form her hair.

Naruto grinned. “Perfect.”


Sasuke’s scowl deepened as he continued to watch the trio of girls who he had first spotted just outside his clan compound snooping around. That fact alone had been enough to raise suspicion. The rest of Konoha’s population seemed to avoid that area ever since the incident several years before. Added to this blatant observation had been that the girls were clearly his age or near it and yet he had never seen them before. They had not been in any of the academy classes, of that, he was sure. This added to the tally of suspicion against them and then finally there was their complete and total disrespect to him. Almost no one treated him like that… and never had a girl thrown his words back in his face. All of these little marks against the trio had led him to where he was now. Shadowing them as they traveled through Konoha, occasionally making stops where they seemed to retrieve yet another scroll before moving on.


Artemis let out a large feline yawn and stretched as he watched Luna pace back and forth in the living room of Konshu’s apartment unit. Konshu himself had joined them in his feline form and laid half curled on the sofa. Artemis sighed, “Luna, wearing a path into the floor won’t make the girls pass their tests.”

Luna practically snorted at him. “You seem to forget Artemis, that is our Princess is out there as well!”

“Artemis is right Luna.” Konshu spoke up. “Right now, it doesn’t matter who those girls are. All that matters is that they can prove to their jounin examiner that they have what it takes to be shinobi. That includes Usagi-san.”

“But that woman! She—” Luna tried to argue.

“Yes, I’m aware of Anko-san. Her methods may appear… severe but she is an excellent shinobi and if anyone can make it very clear to the girls just what they are in for as shinobi she will. It is a good thing that Rin had the foresight to get us all out of the way for this exam. You two would have hindered the girls in this.” Konshu admonished, after all he had been living as a part of this shinobi community for twelve years now. He was well aware of what lessons the girls needed to learn and understand today.

Luna hung her head as she ceased her pacing and sat. “I should be at her side, even now.” She said softly, emotion evident in her voice.

The two males in the room looked at each other somewhat helplessly, neither knowing what to say to their fellow guardian at this point.


“Quick inside there!” Usagi whispered to Naruto as she motioned towards a door just ahead of them in the hallway. Naruto nodded and made a beeline for the doorway pausing to check for traps before opening while Usagi scanned the hallway in both directions. In moments Naruto had the door open and the pair slipped inside closing it quietly behind them.

Naruto grumbled as he began to poke through the boxes on a nearby shelf. “This is getting ridiculous. Why would someone lock us up in an ANBU detention cell like that?”

Usagi shook her head and started looking through boxes on the other side of the room. “At least we know we are still in Konoha. Maybe this is a test or something. Rin-neesan said that the jounin that would be taking on the other’s genin squad would be giving them a test. Maybe this is ours?”

Naruto smirked as he found a box full of explosive tags and set it aside and continued his search. “I’ve already taken a test from Kakashi-sensei so why would it be both of us?”

“I don’t know—hey I found uniforms.” Usagi announced and turned to Naruto with a grin.

Naruto smirked back and held up two weapon pouches he’d already filled from other boxes. “I think we have our tickets out of here.”

With that the two quickly set to work.


“There you go,” Ami stated as she finished injecting the antidote for the paralytic poison into Minako’s arm. “It will take about ten minutes to start undoing the effects.”

“I’m glad you found us now Ami-chan or we might not have been able to finish this stage in time.” Makoto stated as she worked on stretching her arms and legs as the antidote started to take effect on her since she had been the first Ami had given it to.

“We may have to solve a… problem first.” Rei reminded her as she too began to stretch out.

“Don’t worry Rei,” Minako said with a wink. “I have a plan.”

The other girls all turned their full attention to the blonde leader of their group as she then outlined her plan to them in a code, they had all been using for years.

Rei’s eyes sparked as she smirked as Minako’s plan became clear. “I’m going to enjoy this.”

Nearby coal black eyes narrowed as they observed the actions of the group of girls that had grown from three to four.


Usagi walked confidently down the hallway with Naruto right behind her. She nodded to an ANBU operative as they passed in the hallway but didn’t stop to talk nor did the ANBU try to stop her. Inwardly she breathed a sigh of relief. So far, their plan was working. The supplies they had uncovered in what proved to be a storage room had been just what they needed. They had each borrowed a uniform that more or less fit and armed themselves accordingly. After that a simple henge had been used to add to the effect and letting them pass as nameless ANBU operatives just minding their own business. Unfortunately, the entire building was turning out to be a bit of a maze and no sooner did they seem to think they had found the way out then that path would turn into a dead end. She was beginning to wonder if they weren’t under a genjutsu as well to keep them lost.

“Hey!” A voice called from behind.

Usagi turned to look, and a pang of fear ran threw her at the sight of the squad of shinobi behind them. A tall man in a black trench coat with a bandanna style hiate over what appeared to be a bald head stood at the front of the group. “Where do you think you two are going?”

“Usagi run!” Naruto shouted and suddenly there were a dozen of Naruto between them and the other shinobi. Usagi froze in shock and then a barrage of kunai flew through the clones.

“Naruto look out!” She cried pushing the real one aside as a kunai then embedded into her upper arm. Usagi bit her lip to keep from crying out and grabbed the kunai from her arm and stood taking a ready stance. Beside her, Naruto growled and another whoosh of chakra filled the hall.

The shinobi charged into the mass of clones quickly setting about destroying them however once all the clones were gone there was no one else left in the hall.

Ibiki smirked. “Not bad.” He then turned to the squad that was with him, however before he could give his orders a series of explosions suddenly sounded through the building. “I want a report!” He called out as the shinobi scrambled to investigate. Ibiki looked back up the hall to where he knew the two disguised genin had to have gone and wondered just what he’d gotten himself into with this favor for Anko.


“Sandaime-sama will see you now Rin-san.” The chuunin who was serving as the Hokage’s secretary informed her.

“Thank you.” Rin replied and then entered the Hokage’s office.

“Rin-san, to what do I owe this visit?” Sandaime asked smiling at the young woman.

Rin returned his warm smile with one of her own. “I wanted to ask who is in charge of the kunoichi courtesan training.”

Sarutobi arched his eyebrows in a questioning look at her request. “That is an interesting question.”

Rin only smiled, “I know I complained about the course when I took it that year before I left, but I think it’s something the girls should really participate in. I also have several ideas on how to expand and improve it after my time in the Lunarian Courts.”

Sarutobi smiled once more. “Unfortunately, there has not been such a training course offered since you took it. Miyaki-san, the woman who taught it back then was lost in the Kyuubi attack and we haven’t had any other kunoichi available who could teach it. Your statement however brings an interesting idea. Would you be interested in taking on the instruction of such a course Rin-san?”

Rin looked at him suddenly surprised. “Me? But I…”

“No other kunoichi or shinobi in our ranks has the court experience you do and you yourself said you had ideas on how to improve the course. You’ve also been an instructor for those girls for a long time, so I don’t think teaching experience is an issue either.”

Rin sighed. “Well, I suppose… but it would take some time to plan out and arrange.”

Sarutobi just nodded. “Bring me a plan listing all of what you will need, and the time frames and we’ll see what can be done. I also think having even some of our older kunoichi take the course would be a good plan as well.”

Rin smiled and nodded. “I’ll see you with a documented plan as soon as I am able.”

“Very good. What is the status on your girls by the way?” Sarutobi then asked.

“They are taking Anko’s examination currently though I don’t think it will last too much longer. Ami has already completed her portion of it.” Rin responded.

“Ah very good, do make sure Anko reports to me with the results.”

“Of course, Hokage-sama.” Rin replied and with one last smile and bow she exited.


Minako smiled brightly as she faced the dark-haired boy that they had caught and tied up tightly ensuring he would not break away. “Now Mr. Rei-chan fanboy—mind telling us just why you have been shadowing us for the last two hours? I mean I could understand if you just wanted to chase Rei-chan—She had fanboys back home to—”

“Minako!” Rei snapped.

Minako only grinned. “But that doesn’t explain that nasty glare you have been giving us this entire time as well. It’s just not very friendly you know?”

Uchiha Sasuke just glared at blonde and turned away.

“Aww, you see Rei-chan you just made him shy.” Minako cooed.

Rei grumbled about annoying blondes.

Makoto chuckled.

It was then that their sensei strolled up. “Well, well, well. Just what do you girls have here?” Anko inspected the trussed up genin as her lips curled up into a smirk. “Well, if it isn’t the little Uchiha, yet another of Kakashi’s precious genin falling prey to my exam. This is a very nice bonus catch girls.”

The dark-haired boy turned to glare at the woman.

“He’s been following us ever since we were in the clan district Anko-sensei.” Rei reported.

“Didn’t take kindly to your snooping around I bet. Did you three retrieve the package?” Anko then asked.

“Right here.” Makoto answered and handed the package they had retrieved at the tea and dango shop. Anko accepted the box and immediately opened the lid and removed a portion of the contents. She smiled in glee as she bit into the dango and nodded her approval.

“You three pass. Blue, Rin gave me her report on your analysis, very thorough and accurate. We’ll have to improve your substance knowledge overall, but you pass as well. So, what do you four suppose we should do with your catch here?”

“You can’t do anything to me!” Sasuke sneered.

No sooner had he spoken than a kunai zipped by his ear and embed in the ground behind him.

Sasuke turned somewhat wide eyes onto the girl they all called Rei.

“Think again Ducky.”

Anko’s smirk grew into a full-fledged grin. She liked this girl.

It was at that point that two more blondes entered the clearing.

“Usagi!” Minako almost shrieked and rushed over to the pair.

“I’m all right Minako-chan.” The blonde-haired girl answered though she winced when the hug Minako embraced her with put pressure on her right arm.

Ami noticed however, and immediately intervened inspect the damage. “Usagi-chan how did you?”

“She took the hit for me.” The blonde boy said softly watching the girls surround his sister.

“Getting saved by a girl now Dobe?”

Naruto immediately turned to the familiar voice and gaped. “Sasuke-teme! What happened to you.”

“He got in our way.” Rei answered as she spared a glance at the still tied up boy. “You know Ducky?”

Naruto looked back and forth between Rei and Sasuke. “Ducky—” He repeated in shock as Sasuke all but growled. “He’s one of my teammates.” He started to answer Rei’s question and then got a huge grin on his face as he then approached Sasuke. “I see you met my sister’s friends… Ducky.”

“Shut up!” Sasuke snarled.

“All done Usagi-chan, though it may be a bit tender yet.” Ami stated as she finished removing the bandages from the girl’s arms.

“Thanks’ Ami-chan.” Usagi replied as she began to stretch her arm.

“So, I’m assuming you two got out on your own based off what you are wearing.” Anko then stated as she took in the somewhat ill-fitting ANBU gear the two were sporting.

Naruto turned to the woman. “You—you had us captured!”

Anko just grinned evilly at him. “That’s right brat. Your sister had to be tested and we knew you would get involved with what I had planned so you went with her.”

Naruto just glared at her.

“Once I get Ibiki’s report I’ll know if she’s actually passed or not.”

A new voice interrupted. “Oh, I’d say she passed.”

“You!” Both Naruto and Usagi exclaimed as the man they had barely gotten away from in the building appeared.

The man smirked. “Although Anko, you can explain to Hokage-sama as to why nearly a quarter of the ANBU main building went up in flames this morning.”

Anko blinked and then gaped. “They did that!”

Ibiki only nodded. “That little distraction was the final piece that let them get out all on their own.”

Anko smirked at that. “Well, it seems they all pass then. Rin-chan should be pleased.”

Usagi blinked. “So, this was a test?”

“It’s an evaluation exam given to genin hopefuls by the jounin who is their prospective sensei provided they pass.” Ami explained for Usagi.

Anko smirked. “Right, though we weren’t expecting you and your brother to cause such collateral damage.”

Usagi and Naruto glanced each other and then chuckled nervously.

Anko strolled over to the still trussed up Uchiha and sighed. “I suppose we should let this one go.”

Sasuke glared at her. “I demand to know just what is going on here! Naruto doesn’t have any family!”

At this the entire mood of all the genin dropped as they all turned unfriendly stares on the boy.

Anko shook her head. “You kids can explain to him I have other things to do.”

With that stated the purple haired woman vanished along with the man that had reported on Usagi and Naruto’s adventure.

Usagi however strolled up to Sasuke and crouched down so she was eye level with him and smiled. “You must be Uchiha Sasuke, Naruto-niisan has told me about you. However, you are mistaken. Naruto DOES have family. Unfortunately, until just recently we were separated but I can guarantee he IS my twin brother.”

Sasuke met her gaze head on but then a look of shock and perhaps horror flitted across his features. “There are TWO of you!”

Usagi grinned and turned to Naruto. “Ne Naruto-nii, what did you do that has him fearing two of us?”

Naruto just laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head.

Usagi shrugged and then moved to untie the boy. “Well anyways, it’s nice to meet one of Naruto’s teammates.”

“Oh, he’s a Rei-fanboy to Usagi-chan!” Minako chimed in only to then squeak as she dodged an attack from Rei.

Usagi arched an eyebrow at that and turned back to the boy but by that time he was already stalking off and ignoring the rest of them. Usagi shrugged as the attitude and behavior matched what Naruto had told her.

“Can we go home now? I want real clothes!” She then stated and looped an arm with Naruto and Ami and started dragging them off leaving the others to follow amidst chatter and light laughter.


“Ah Anko-san, the evaluation is complete I take it?” Sarutobi asked as the Jounin crossed the distance of his office to stand before his desk.

“It is Hokage-sama. All five of the girls passed. There was a minor incident with Uchiha Sasuke and the primary three I was testing but it was resolved in an appropriate fashion.” Anko responded.

“And the Uzumaki twins?” Sarutobi then asked.

“Ah well—” Anko started as she tried to come up with the best way to explain. “It seems that during their escape of the ANBU detention cell they rigged a trap that caused about a quarter of the building to go up in flames this morning sir.”

Sarutobi arched an eyebrow at this and then chuckled. “Underestimated the pair of them I see. Very well, and good job on their evaluation Anko. I’m sure you will make a wonderful sensei for those three girls. Have them report here with you tomorrow to begin their duties.”

Anko smiled and nodded. “Of course, Hokage-sama, Team Anko will report for mission assignment tomorrow as requested.” With that the purple haired jounin turned on her heel and exited leaving a smiling Hokage behind her.

“I do hope the village can handle a double dose of Uzumaki…” Sarutobi mumbled to himself as he returned to his paperwork.

Chapter 3

It had been a long-standing tradition that the jounin of the village of Konohagakure met once a week as both co-workers and friends. The meeting place of choice was a discreet club and bar that had by the same tradition been where this gathering was held almost since the very founding of the village. The Fire Seal closed its doors to any non-shinobi patrons on the scheduled night as the place was taken over by the long-standing shinobi customers. It was where many of the shinobi came to unwind and meet up with friends that they would not likely run into otherwise.

It was on one such evening that Anko entered The Fire Seal with a smile on her lips. Several people greeted her as she entered, and she waved in acknowledgment as she made her way to the booth and tables that she usually lurked at along with many of the jounin in her age group. Most frequently present were those who had positions that kept them almost full time in Konoha as well as those currently in charge of genin squads. Other members of their usual group came and went depending on their current mission status. Tonight, however Anko was looking forward to meeting up with those jounin in charge of the genin squads as she had gossip and news to share.

“Yo, Anko!” Asuma greeted from where he sat next to another jounin named Genma. Across from the two men sat Kurenai who motioned for Anko to take the empty seat next to her. In the nearby corner Kakashi sat perched with orange book in hand, and Gai sitting next to him.

“So, what’s this we here about you joining the ranks of sensei Anko?” Genma asked around his ever-present senbon.

Anko smiled, “Word travels fast.”

“So, it is true then?” Kurenai asked.

“Ah. As of today, I have the most interesting group of genin kunoichi under my command.”

“Kunoichi? All girls?” Asuma asked surprised.

“That’s right. It seems Rin, Kakashi’s old squad mate, has been on a long-term mission since just before the Kyubbi attack. Some special deal the Yondaime had selected her for. Anyways the country she was in just fell to some sort of civil war, and she escaped with these five girls, one of which was her charge and client.” Anko explained. “As I was saying, she’s had them trained in shinobi basics and they decided that continuing that path was the best direction for these girls to take. Three of the girls make up my genin squad. The other two are actually going for specialization in the medic field right away. Hokage plans to assign them to random missions with the rest of the genin teams to keep them well rounded however.”

“That’s quite the story.” Genma commented.

“Yeah, but here’s the real kicker though, one of the two med-genin girls is Uzumaki Usagi.”

“Uzumaki!?” Gai asked in shock.

“That’s right, turns out she’s actually Naruto’s twin sister.” Anko answered. “I was in charge of her evaluation test as well today.”

“Well, how’d it go?” Kurenai asked.

Anko smirked. “Oh, she passed with a bang.”

Genma looked wide eyed. “You don’t mean that explosion at ANBU HQ—”

“I do. She had help though. The plan I had for her test would have had her brother interfering, so he was included from the start. Speaking of which—Kakashi your genin are sloppy.”

Kakashi just turned the page of his book, “I’m not sure what you mean Anko.”

“I mean that Naruto slept through being drugged and carted off by Ibiki with his sister this morning. Does the boy have no self-preservation instincts?”

Kakashi looked up at her with what was most likely a frown under his mask. “You had Ibiki help?”

“Ah, he owed me a favor. The real shocker though was the Uchiha brat. He ran into the other three girls and decided to tail them all through their exam for some reason. They got him back however as when they met up with me for the end of it, they had him trussed up like a stuffed turkey. Seems they took offense to his snooping and made sure he knew it. It was rather funny actually. One of the girls Rei, planted a flaming arrow not even an inch from his ear when he snobbed off at them.”

“Wait, your new team caught Sasuke spying on them?” Kurenai asked.

“That’s right.”

“Oh, that’s classic.” Genma snickered.

Kakashi just sighed as he considered what this would do to Sasuke’s ego and attitude.

“Looks like your genin got showed up Kakashi!” Asuma stated with a chuckle.

“Indeed, most unyouthful my eternal rival!” Gai added in causing even more snickers amidst the group.

Kakashi just sighed and returned his attention back to his book. “Any luck getting that Nara boy motivated Asuma?”

A muttered curse and grumble were the immediate reply as the rest of the jounin chuckled some more and turned back to Anko once more to ask questions about her new team and the med-genin.


Usagi sighed as she sat next to Naruto in the Hokage’s office. Her friends and guardians sat in a row behind them. Around them however, several adults all stood ‘debating’ whether or not she should be allowed to attempt to heal the Kyuubi within Naruto. This debate had been ongoing back and forth for the last two weeks. That was when she and Naruto had gone to the Hokage about it.

Before that the twins had told their guardians all about their meeting with the fox. They had then checked the story against what history they all knew—which had included the records in Ami’s Mercury computer. Once that had been done, they told Rin. Rin had agreed with them but thought it wise to also tell Hokage. This had led to the inclusion of Naruto’s sensei and somehow Anko-sensei as well. Usagi had even heard the Hokage mumble something about wishing yet another person was there for advice as well. This brought them back to the current point in time with all afore mentioned adults and their feline guardians still in debate.

Beside her, Naruto groaned and mumbled something about just wanting this over with. Usagi agreed.

“Enough!” She finally said firmly. All adults turned somewhat surprised faces to her. “You can ‘debate’ all you want. The fact is either I will perform the healing under shield and seal where it is safest, or I will do it without shield and seal. This needs to be done and none of you can really stop me, so either help me or stay out of the way!”

Luna seemed to look proud of her. Rin was just smiling and shaking her head a bit. Both Anko and Kakashi seemed too shocked to do more than stare. The Hokage frowned and then sighed.

“Very well. Luna-san you will handle that shield you told us of, I’m sure. Kakashi, I want you to seal the location and I would prefer all who are here now be in attendance for this… healing, as well. Is that acceptable Usagi-san?”

Usagi nodded. “It should be done tonight. Just the presence of the full moon will make this easier and safer for all involved.”

The Hokage sighed once more. “We have much to do then, Kakashi take them to the location we discussed earlier. I shall join you all there just before moonrise.”

“Thank you, Hokage-sama.” Usagi then stated as she stood and bowed, the others following her lead save for Naruto who just grinned and waved as they all filed out.

The Hokage watched them leave and once the door was closed behind them let out another deep sigh as he proceeded to light his pipe. “That girl will be quite the leader and Naruto is already learning from her. What a pair…” His eyes traveled up to the portrait of his successor on the wall. “What a pair…”


The Hokage nodded to Kakashi as he entered the secluded shelter building. No sooner had the door been closed then Kakashi ran through a series of hand seals and then pressed his palm against the center of the door. There was a flare of chakra as seal symbols flared to life and flowed across the door and walls. Kakashi nodded once it was complete and then motioned for the Hokage to proceed ahead of him.

Soon they exited the hallway and entered a large open room in which Kakashi repeated the seal process on the door they had just entered. The others in the room all looked in their direction and muttered greetings.

“Everything is prepared then?” The Hokage asked.

“It is.” Rin replied. “Usagi will sit in the middle with Naruto sitting at her back. The other four girls will then be putting a personal shield over them. On top of this shield Luna and Artemis will place another. Outside of that Kakashi has prepared a sealing circle that he, Anko, and me will all maintain during the process. Is this to your satisfaction Hokage sama?”

The Sandaime nodded. “You may proceed then.” The rest of the group quickly moved into position.

Usagi smiled as she sat cross legged on a large cushion with Naruto taking his place with his back against hers. Naruto sat fidgeting and Usagi reached one hand out where he could grasp it.

“Relax Naruto-nii, this will be a lot like meeting in our dreams,” Usagi said to reassure him. Naruto took a deep breath and nodded relaxing as Usagi held out her other hand on the other side for him to grasp.

Almost immediately there was a brief flare of energy as Usagi’s birthmark glowed faintly, a similar mark appearing on Naruto’s forehead. At that moment there were four additional flares of energy as the four girls that made up Usagi’s guard put up their shield. Two more flares followed marking the shield of Luna and Artemis. The three jounin nodded to each other and then all pressed their palms into the seal marked circle.

“And now we wait.” Konshu said softly from where he now stood next to the Hokage.

Within Naruto’s mindscape the twins stared into the Kyuubi’s cage once more.

“Are you ready?” Usagi asked.

The fox nodded from where he sat next to the bars across from them.

“Very well. Naruto would you place your hand on top of mine please?” Usagi then asked as she stepped up to the cage and then placed her palm flat against the paper seal that served as the cage’s lock. Naruto did as she asked and smiled at the warm feeling that flowed between them, the feeling of his bond to his twin sister.

Usagi smiled as well and then closed her eyes in concentration. Pale silvery light flowed from them both and entered the seal funneling there for several moments before spreading across the bars and into the cage reaching for the fox itself. At first nothing more seemed to happen but then the fox let out a deep breath of relief and the red color began to bleach out of his fur leaving it silver. This continued for several minutes and then Usagi wavered, Naruto immediately moving to catch her before she fell, and the flow of energy stopped. Making sure Usagi was all right he then looked up at the fox whose face and legs all bore silver fur that had before been a burning red. One tail had also completely given away to the silver from the red.

“The process has now been sped up. The more he is freed of the corruption the more of him will return to his original silver coloring.” Usagi explained.

Naruto stared at the fox and then nodded he could already feel the difference this made to his very center.

The fox seemed to bow to them, “Thank you.”

Usagi smiled at both the fox and Naruto.

Naruto grinned back. “Come on Usagi-nee, let’s go back to the others.”

Usagi nodded and with that the pair vanished leaving the fox alone once more, but unlike before this time the fox was smiling.

As the pair came awake once more Usagi immediately began to slump over, however Naruto moved to support her before she could fall over completely. Upon seeing them moving once more the girls released their shield with the others following suit soon after. The Hokage stepped forward as Naruto helped Usagi to her feet.

“Well?” Sarutobi asked.

Usagi gave him a tired smile. “Success Hokage-sama.”

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