Creativity in 2021

Goals for this coming year.

  1. Keep advancing my writing. Keep brainstorming new ideas, and brainstorming on ones I’ve already written down. Reinforce the habit of writing ideas down and digitizing them to backups so I dont lose them.
  2. Keep Developing my writing process. Character Development, Plotting, and World Building are all skills I had barely scratched the surface on that I need to work on and get better at.
  3. Keep Challenging Myself. Participate in at least one RoughTrade event officially and NaNoWriMo 2021. I also want to develop an idea and plot for QuantumBang.
  4. Edit my RoughTrade – July 2020 project and get it posted. Don’t let the new fandom and genre’s intimidate me.
  5. Review (if not edit a bit) my NaNo 2020 project – It still needs a real title. Keep letting the thoughts on continued story/arcs percolate.
  6. Complete at least 1 if not more Digital Painting project.
  7. Keep up with random photography. (even my cats and flowers are my most frequent subjects).
Ice Crystals on LED fairy lights - images taken on my balcony. January 8th, 2021
Ice Crystals on LED fairy lights – images taken on my balcony.

Silver Dragonfly

reading ~ writing ~ doodling ~ that's me Working day by day to bring creativity back into my day-to-day life when it's been lost to the monotony of work and bills.

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