A Mau Calling

Title: A Mau Calling
Author: Silver Dragonfly
Prompt: JW: Trope Bingo 2020 – Fix-It
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Genre: General
Rating: G
Warnings: has not been beta-read/edited
Word Count: 1,379
Summary: Luna wakes up from stasis after the fall of the Moon Kingdom.

Luna stretched slowly, feeling stiffer than she ever remembered being, and that was saying something for one who spent the majority of their time in a feline body. She blinked her eyes open slowly and twitched her whiskers at the sound of a faint click. Fresh air began to stir the small space around her. She had been asleep in the stasis pod for a very long time it seemed. She began the slow process of stretching first the toes on her paws before moving into the full body arches that would begin to work out the rest. She paused in the middle of her next set of stretches. Why had she been in stasis?

You’ll watch over and guide her in the future, won’t you Luna? She’ll need you more than ever before…

Tears prickled in sapphire blue eyes to quickly drip onto her whiskers. It was all gone. The Moon Kingdom, The Silver Millennium, all of it right along with her homeworld of Mau. Chaos had taken it all. Her Home, her life, her queen… but not her surrogate daughter.

I can’t defeat Metallia now, she’s too strong and we’ve lost to much, but I can buy us time. I’ll seal her into the sun and it will be up to Serenity when the time comes to purge this darkness from Sol lest Chaos wins forever. You will have to guide her Luna. She wasn’t raised to be a soldier, but she must become a warrior against the forces of Chaos. The Moon Guardian will have to appear once more in history among the Senshi.

Luna shook rubbed her face against a paw and sniffed. She took a steadying breath and then began to study her surroundings. The stasis pod had unfolded and opened into what she recognized as an outpost command room that had been fitted into a fold in space. It would be completely undetectable by any one who was not already keyed into its access. The design was one of the late Queen of Mercury’s and there had been some discussion about possibly implementing them on Terra for reconnaissance, it seemed at least one had been installed, or perhaps it had been part of the Queen Selenity’s final act for her daughter’s future. Not that it really mattered how it came to be exist, only that it was here and available for her use now. She approached the panel and with one final set of stretches to get the last of the stiffness out of her muscles made a gentle leap up onto the console.

“Authorization?” The systems voice asked, sounding much like the late Queen of Mercury.

“Luna of Mau, there is order in light and light in hope.”

“Authorization accepted. System access established. Final recordings initiated.”

Queen Serenity’s voice filled the space around her. “Hello Luna. If this message has been activated, then you have remembered everything. The stasis pod was programed to release you when The Control Center first detected evidence of Serenity’s rebirth. Hopefully, this is within days of its occurrence. The magic of the the crystal will work quickly to shield and protect her making it harder for you to find her the longer after her birth until she reaches puberty. Find her quickly Luna. She will need your support and guidance early to prepare for the trials ahead. In The Control Center database you will find many monitoring data of the seal on Metallia. We can only pray it holds long enough for Serenity to be ready. Watch for the others. Both her court and the rest of our people that have been reborn will be drawn to her as she grows. Live and be happy Luna.”

“End of final recordings.” The Command Center’s original voice returned.

Luna felt her heart tighten, there was hope. “Status of Serenity?”

“Lunarian energy readings have been consistent in the last forty-eight terran hours in a region known as Tokyo, Japan on Terra. They will likely start to become more difficult to trace soon. Estimated time to untraceable four terran weeks at most, three at best.”

“Artemis? Minako?”

“Artemis stasis conditions have not yet been met, but all readings indicate he is stable. Minako of Venus has not been detected, it is her awakening that should in turn awaken Artemis. I’m sorry we cannot bring him to join you sooner Luna.”

Luna nodded once. She and Artemis were bonded to each other yes, but they also each shared a bond with the girls they were sworn to mentor, advise, and support. They were their confidantes. Their shoulders to cry on, the friendly ear when there was no other. Even as the two girls had found solace in each other, their had still been rank between them. With Luna and Artemis respectively, they had no such barrier and so good unburden themselves in safety and trust. It was a role people of Mau had been playing for the rulers of Mau for millennium, though few actually felt call to serve and bond. Luna and Artemis had been fortunate to find companionship in each other as well as the girls they served.

“I will need information on the current status of Terra before I begin my search if I am to navigate the world now safely and without drawing undo attention to both myself and Serenity.” Luna then responded setting aside her heartache to deal with later. She could not afford to let her grief overwhelm her or both she and Serenity would be lost. She could not afford to fail the daughter of her heart. Not now, not ever.

“Of course Luna, if you will allow this Command Center is equipped with an appropriate Mau neural interface for memory integration processing.”

Luna’s eyes widened. This was not just any Command Center… “Queen Maia—”

“Incorrect. My designation is IZUMI. I am all that is left of the late Queen Maia’s memory and I will endeavor to pass much of her wishes, memoirs, and work to her daughter when she is awakened.”

“Are we on Terra?”

“Correct, though modern terminology has shifted to the name of ‘Earth’. Protocols demanded my placement be shifted to the only remaining world sustaining life after the final act of Queen Selenity. Apocalypse Protocols were enacted and carried out.”

Luna felt her eyes mist over once more. Apocalypse Protocols, she remembered overhearing quiet discussions about them between the Queens. It had been a pet project, not something they had thought they’d ever truly need, and yet… Queen Cynane, like her daughter Rei, had been a priestess and warrior of of Mars, their lineage also known for their foresight, and had been heavily in favor of the project. From what she remembered of the early outlines, the protocols would have saved much of their history, records, and the foundations to rebuild from in the future.

“Would you like to proceed with the neural memory link Luna?”

“Yes, that would probably be best. I can’t afford to waste time learning everything on my own.”

“As you wish, if you could return to the stasis pod. The information sync will be extensive to give you what you require.”

Luna paused, “IZUMI, only modern information for now. I’ll decide what to do regarding more historical data after I’ve found Serenity. I can’t afford to to risk being incapacitated further in recovery from the overload.”

“Updating parameters to best suit your request, further clarification. Will you be seeking her in your feline or humanoid form?”

“Feline, I can go undetected and she will have a Terran family to integrate with. I will not interfere with that unless it becomes necessary.”


With that information clarified Luna eyed the stasis pod with a bit of trepidation, she had just gotten out of the thing. A familiar echoing emotion of joy suddenly filled her before fading causing Luna’s eyes to open wide. Her bond with Serenity was still there! She reached out for it with all she was sending her love and for the briefest of moments felt an echo of that love back. Luna stepped into the pod and laid down comfortably with her head resting on the raised cushion that obviously meant for this purpose. She closed her eyes. “Let’s begin, Serenity is waiting for me.”

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